Closed - I was banned for swearing

Requesting to be un-banned from Invade & Annex servers

1.) Vulgar
2.) Steam Community :: water jar
3.) Admin unknown. Ban occurred around a year ago.
4.) At the time of my ban, I fired upon an enemy location and by mistake hit a mod of the server. It did not kill him but he purposefully killed me in retaliation. I told him to “Go f*%k himself”. Banned.

Please use this

Also side note I’m not an admin in any way shape or form I am just giving you advice I am not part of this situation so I am not going to interfere anymore

I am unable to find any account associated with the SteamID you referenced 76561198497337188. I did find your ban, The ban notes do not match what you put in your appeal. But I will lower the ban to time served. Please make sure you read our current rules list: