Closed - GySgt McCoy's Ban appeal

  1. GySgt McCoy

  2. Player Steam profile Steam Community :: Dalmoran

  3. S You were kicked off the game. (BattleEye: Admin Kick (Rule #3 Intentional team killing. Banned for 4d - Expires 01/18/))

  4. Unable to get name of admin. Aproximate time of ban was 0100 EST. Server banned was Altis Invade and Annex

  5. Was running CAS in the server, dropping bombs on laser targets and providing cover for the troops. A call came in saying he wanted a GBU on him. Unfortunately, this resulted in the ban.

Yes i was in the TS at the time when he said it and for two NAK Elites to be doing this is not a good example of what NAk Elites are representing. This is not just directed at you but for all NAk Elites. This tag is given to those that follow the rules, lead by example and help out when needed. NAK Elite is not a given right to not follow any rules. Yes we as admins do look past things when NAK Elites are involved but for this reason having someone call out for a GBU to be dropped on them when other players are listening and watching is not leading by example.

For TS the call out that was made was childish and for that player he knows that he should behave better since he was talked too the day before about a similar issue that occurred.

If you don’t mind I would like to weigh in as well. When me and Fox heard and saw everything that was going on, especially with the other member that received his punishment for trying to destroy the Elites’ reputation, it was something that we had to act on.

There has been a steady increase of players thinking it is okay to intentionally team kill. Someone just wants to die and asks a player to kill them for fun. If someone is glitched they want to be shot, with a button press and a click they can be forced respawned and lo and behold they are fixed. There are some cases, like this one, with people intentionally being or putting themselves in harm’s way and telling people to kill them. If an effort was made to get some distance or hide behind a building or frankly anything of that nature and the player died in an airstrike then it would be better. I don’t think I have ever kicked a player for teamkilling that was a pilot in TeamSpeak because accidents happen and aircraft carry very deadly ordinance.

This is why it is serious. When players see NAK Elite doing it and hearing it in teamspeak or in game then they think it’s okay and that’s probably why we’re seeing this increase in players saying “oh well someone did it yesterday and an admin did nothing” (well he probably didn’t see it or you’re lying and I’m telling you now) or things of that nature.

When the server needs help and I’m having to go full admin to get control then I’m investigating every team kill. Where it happened, actually looking at the players and listening to their in game chat etc. I have missed massive team kills and trolls because of people screwing around and I prefer to actually witness the larger events with my own eyes because if I see it then I can without a doubt know A. the situation and B. the intention of the offending player.

I can’t protect the server when I have to keep babysitting what are supposed to be my most trusted players on this server that are supposed to lead by example and help out.