Closed - Dilut3d - Ban Appeal

In-game Name: DILUT3D which was the name at the time of ban and is still the current name.

Steam Profile: Steam Community :: Diluted

Evidence of Ban: Steam Community :: Error (The ARMA 3 ban)
<22:14:19> Trying to resolve hostname
<22:14:22> Trying to connect to server on
<22:14:23> You are banned permanently. Reason: “Racism”
(This occurred before the time stamped on the left of the text but this is what comes up when I attempt to join Naksquad on TeamSpeak)

Admin, Date, and Server: VileAce, ~11:45 pm EST on Friday, October 13th, 2017, ARMA 3 Server #1 Altis and TeamSpeak

Notes: I was suddenly banned from the TeamSpeak server then from the Arma 3 server, in which it said the reason was Racism. I did not say anything racist in-game or on the TeamSpeak server, and if I did I would love to know what it was and how it was racist to the point of a permanent ban (I know that racism is rule #1 and it is heavily enforced but I truly am clueless as to the offense).

You sent a racist comment to another player in TS (Even as a private message, racism is not allowed). That user forwarded the information to the Admins online which were Archer and myself. Archer had an issue with his permission in TS and asked for me to enforce the ban.

After reviewing what was sent to the other player as a private message I agreed that a permanent ban was appropriate.

We will not give you the players name that reported you, but the evidence was clear. There was no doubt that you sent the comment to him.

I did not. I sent no message over ts and I did not want the name of the person that accused me, I want the actual statement that was considered racist.
Is there an option on TS to see my chat history either server side or client side.

If it was sent as a private message it will not be seen again but if you had sent it through in the channel chat you are able to see everones last message before 200 lines

Okay, but don’t I have to be on the TeamSpeak channel to see that? It was apparently not a pm but as I am banned from the TS I cannot go back to see what VileAce was talking about.

Like i said yes but if your asking to be unbanned that is not my choise or place to say yes or no but i was only talking about if you can see the message or not

This ban has some unique elements to it.

  • I entered the ban because another admin, Archer, was having permission issues in Team Speak.
  • The message was sent as a private message in TS, which limits our logging capabilities.
  • The racist comment was not sent to an admin but to a player whom reported the incident.

Do to these circumstances I am going to remove the ban, while an additional investigation can be done. Upon completing the investigation, if there is sufficient information to support the ban, the permanent ban will be reinstated, without prior warning.

To the individual that reported this indecent, please contact me in Team Speak so that I may get additional details that lead up to the racist comment.

Thank you very much! I am very appreciative that you have decided to lift the ban, and I fully support the investigation and will be glad to answer future questions thereof.

Edit: Checking, I am still banned from the TeamSpeak server, but the A3 servers are not. Thanks

I checked the ban list in TS by name and Unique ID, but was unable to locate an active ban.

I also looked through all of my bans in TS and was not able to find any with your IP, name or Unique ID. Can you copy and paste the error TeamSpeak responds with, when you try to connect. In chat window tab labeled or No Server it will display something like:

<12:38:16> Trying to resolve hostname
<12:38:18> Trying to connect to server on
<12:38:19> You are banned pernamently. Reason: “test”

I would like you to paste the information that is displayed for you when you try to connect.

it was still saying I was banned when I checked but the next day I was able to connect. I guess there was just a delay from the point of unbanning to when I checked. Thanks.