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The server is still in “development”, still being fine tuned to give everyone a balanced and fun experience. This thread is going to be for players that have tips, suggestions, and report on bugs or in any unbalances that the server may bring to your attention. If you have not already and/or wish to try it out, please do, and give your feedback so that we may tune it to the players’ wants and experiences

I would like to play this server more often, but I’ve been kicked from the game multiple times just before I reach the Objective area. Three times today and the proximity was the only common factor. Is there any known cause or fix to this issue?
Additional information: 2/10/2017 6pm - 7pm on Altis. in game name is DopeMouse.
Once in a heli and twice while running to the objective.
The server was about 50/64

Thank you

yeah look like your game been crashing , did u add any new mod to your arma 3 ?

Ingame Name: DevilBass[EQC] - ID: 76561198005459290 Steam: devilbass257

Last night 26 March at 4 am am entering ingame for a small play, am just parachute from base where player: Can name are because i play with him some other time every 2 days for a long play, am just playing for 15 min with 10 kills, the defend town see on screen are now cleared, one guys name: Dusty number 3 on the screenshot, just shot me for any reason and am dead, without excuse, i say whats wrong with you ? You dont see on you screen when he said town is clear of enemy and chat box you hit me twice ? He said, sorry i dont read anything like that, i say fuck off your a idiot and am just get ban 5 sec after.

Am playing on you server more then 1 years now, stop playing last 3/4 month whaiting 64 bits arma, now am back and get Tk so much time when everyone sleeping and have no admin online, but we have a very good player and mature like me but i dont like to be tk without any excuse our with the same excuse each time, sorry, yeah is just a game but c’mon open you danm eyes before you shot everything. Yeah am feel very angry when somone shot me and dont take some time to see if a friendly our not, you have many detail to see if am friendly our not. So one time only is ok but 2 time, 5 time you tk somone, this is ridiculous.

Sorry for me bad english, i speak more french, am here to play with cool people and mature, not a kid dont know how to play and shoot everyone for no reason. I have 40 old, i dont have time to get kill by another player on server. :wink: I also support your server when i starting playing here and donate 20$.


DevilBass: It looks like the ban was a result of an auto-script running on the server that filters swear words. I believe it is set to warn before banning, but it is so new, I cannot confirm this takes place every time. I’m not sure what the ban period is, but I would imagine it would be minimal, like one day. Try coming back into the sever after a 24 hour period of time and see if you can get back in. The script is brand new to us and we need to work out the kinks, so your information would be beneficial to getting this where it needs to be. Thank you for contacting me in TS. Unfortunately, I did not notice your PM until after you were already logged out of TS. We appreciate good players on the server and your the time and effort you dedicate to the servers. Please be patient as we are all going through a growing process especially when implementing changes to the server, which are meant to improve the overall environment.

Thanks to reply so fast, ok this is good, am just whait np, that good to put some script like this on server, i see we have anti-Tk script to ? How this is work ? It is possible to renforce this by exemple after 3-4 tk people just kicked out of the server for 48 hours for exemple ?

I will have to check with the person in charge of server scripts to get those types of answers.

We should have the V-44X Blackfish (armed). Into the game because it would make the situations more diverse and have more options to finish the situation.

If possible we should add towing and repelling

we have a tow truck behind the terminal

i would like to see a Virtual ammobox system, like the server used to have, because some mods that i use have equipment only accessible through the ammobox system and not the arsenal (like massi’s weapons they’re kind of broken right now) so it would be nice to see and not to difficult to implement i would imagine.

We do use a Virtual Arsenal. You may use most mods on the server and access then at the arsenal. You can find a mostly complete list of mods : If you are having issues please contact an Admin, with Game chat by including Admin as part of your message or in TeamSpeak, while you are online.

Got an idea for the rappelling script if you guys want to keep it. Checks could load the server but maybe you could have the pilot choose to enable or disable rappelling, sort of like we had for the locking of ghosthawk guns before. As it stands it’s too easy to abuse and trolls love it