Closed - Darragh - Ban Appeal

  1. Darragh
  3. I have no idea.
  4. Once again, I don’t know what happened
  5. The last time I was playing a Nak Server, I was flying a Drone (I was in Team speak) and I had to go because I am 16, and I have to follow orders from my parents. So, I left and I believe the Drone, A. Crashed or B. Continued flying, C. TKed people, D. Smacked into a friendly aircraft and killed it, So, I don’t really know what happened or even if I got banned. Just uh, delete this if I am being a dumb ass and didn’t understand anything.

Darragh, can you poke me when you are in TeamSpeak, so we can talk about this.

I do not show any new bans on file for you. I only show one ban, which is expired.

Roger, may I ask what that ban was for?

That ban was on 08/06/2017 at 9:22 PM and was a one day ban. The infraction was for RULE #3) Intentional team killing and RULE #4) Griefing and Harassment.