Closed - Corporal Clegg's ban appeal

In-game name: Corporal Clegg

I dont even know
Also dont know who banned me and why i was banned.

which message do u get when u try to access the server

Clegg - your ban was initiated by VileAce - when he is free and active, he will contact you - please be patient and not spam the messenger regarding your ban. Thanks!

Sorry bout that, i just really dont remember what i said to get banned. i was supppper drunk last night lol

Bottom line it was bad. It was obvious you were drunk. I received multiple complaints about you in TeamSpeak, so I came in and took you to another channel, to talk to you, at which point you continued your drunk tirade. So at that point I banned you from TS for one day to sober up. While I was working on your 1 day ban in game , you began making very inappropriate comments (borderline racist) ingame, so the ban was extended to 7 days. I know you probably do not remember what you said, but you are lucky that the ban is not permanent.

The ban will stay at 7 days.