Closed - Christopher - Banned from TS3 for asking about UAV RoE

1. IGN: Christopher
2. Player Steam profile: Steam Community :: Error
3. Ban message: <18:06:42> You are banned temporarily. Reason: “Trolling” Try again in 23:57:30
4. Time/Admin/Server: 6:12 PM EST - LBJ - Invade & Annex Altis
5. Explanation: I was asking about the UAV rules of engagement and then was talking to a pilot about putting pelicans in their helicopter to take to the AO and was then banned for trolling.

Banned In TS for 1 Day. Constant talk of things that have nothing to do with ARMA and was given a Written Warning, followed by a verbal one. Finally, led to a Ban for “1” Day in Teamspeak. After his punishment, player started to question said punishment in game but was warned not to by Golden. Several other players left the server because of this toxic environment and I could not continue to have this player in this channel any longer. As for the game, player knowingly dresses in CSAT, Moves purposefully like Enemy AI, to then cause Griefing by being TK’d by other players.

Players that left the server due to this:

  • Lorenzo

  • Wave

  • Rollacanda

  • Scumbag