Closed - Chris - Ban Appeal

  1. In-game name: Chris
  2. Player Steam profile copy here: Steam Community :: Facade
  3. Screenshot, or word by word ban message given upon entering: “You were kicked off the game. (BattlEye: Admin Kick ([Rule #10) Arguing over punishment in game with an admin. 1st Of))” … Teamspeak ban message: <23:49:10> You were banned permanently from the server by “vgerdj” (TROLL)
  4. Name of admin: vgerdj, and approximate time of ban: 23:49:10 PST and the server you were banned from: Malden #2
  5. Explanation, notes, etc:

Lets first look at the chronological order of how things played out.
<23:39:19> Connected to Server: “
<23:47:17> You were kicked from the server by “vgerdj” (annoying)
<23:49:10> You were banned permanently from the server by “vgerdj” (TROLL)

Banned within 10 mins, not for spamming, not for arguing with the administrator over my eventual kick, but merely because he and I quote, “Didn’t like my attitude.” One of the most unprofessional admins I have seen in this server, along with his sidekick who was telling me to “stop talking” because its “his turn” and that I need to “shut up.” All this over what you may ask? Lets start from the beginning.

Me and my friend join the NAK server to see if they updated the carrier In-game to hold more Hornets as we wanted to try the Jets DLC and this was the only server I knew that provided good service to be whatever you want with a mission. We join the TS as requested by the rules and proceed to join, I get in first and immediately take off in a F/A Hornet. I have my mic muted as my friend Coolio and I were talking privately in Discord. I hear the admin (whom I did not know was one at the time) talking with another player about me, I presume its because I did not talk about how I was taking off and basically assume that I’ll just call it next time, no bigey. I take off and my friend hears what they are saying, my in game name does not match my Teamspeak name. I get into a dogfight with an enemy AI fighter not able to really turn on my mic quickly enough, thus being shot down. I spawn and immediately unmuted my mic to ask what the problem was. By this time my friend was already arguing with them about how its literally just a simple error and they need to calm down. The tone coming from the admin and his “sidekick” is that of authoritative and demeaning. They take our stance of calming down as a threat and over use their “I’m an admin do you think you can talk to me that way” power to say were in the wrong. This has all happened within 2 mins of joining the server/Teamspeak, and I change my name while joining the discussion about how over done their tone is one of the most annoying yet arrogant I’ve ever encountered on the server. Their unprofessional attitude rises as they begin to feel “annoyed” and then kick us within 4 mins of joining as we were “arguing with them.” We never yelled, screamed, spammed, or rose our voice, we were just debating about how they are taking this all too serious. This leads to the one older man, the admin in the ban appeal becoming extremely upset that we were not understanding he was an administrator. Rather than rise above this as in the Ten Commandments of the Admins, he lets his feelings get to him and thus kicks us as such. We come back and say, “Okay is everything okay now? You guys done with this we just want to fly.” The correct procedure for someone breaking a rule is a Warning, Kick, Ban as I’ve seen in the Admin rules. No warning, he just says, “Oh don’t worry if you guys don’t like the rules I can fix that so you never have to play here again.” We never hated the rules, we just thought that their serious tone to this petty offense was way overdone on top of their arrogant tones of being “admins” as if they are better than the community who play with them (and donate to). We come back with a kick and no warning with the line stated before, is everything okay now can we fly? Instead, the sidekick of the admin says, “Oh you guys are really looking to get banned.” From what I know, a kick is not a ban, it is a warning of sorts to tell you to stop, we ask if everything’s okay now and that apparently meant that we were trying to upset them. A kick does not mean that I can not continue to fly, it means that I have been warned. With no tone in our voice if we can just play instead of fight over this petty offense, the admin once again gets hurt that we have joined the TS, which is required to fly. He then proceeds to ban us within 10 mins of joining the Teamspeak and give me a temporary ban on the game, for apparently arguing with him over our punishment, which never happened as seen here. I would also enjoy if the admin who banned me would explain how we fought over the punishment, as if he does that would be fictitious and a flat out lie. He just wanted a reason to ban us because he didn’t like that we stood up to his very demeaning tone he gives off because he believes being an admin is better, all this over a petty offense. Whoever reviews this case, I would enjoy if they would consider if a PERMANENT ban is in place over a discussion, argument and fight over this petty, a permanent ban from the Teampeak thus barring us from Vortex Pilot forever, all within 10 minutes. We didn’t spam, we didn’t try to piss anyone off, we just got banned in 10 mins because an admin, and I quote, “Didn’t like our attitudes.” This admin obviously has issues with his temper and should take the First Commandment into consideration, as he got a grudge against us within 5 minutes of talking to us over a petty offense. He takes his role as an Administrator as the executioner instead of peace officer, fixing the wrong instead of handing out kicks and bans quickly rather than giving chances. He should review his quickness to a PERMANENT ban a consideration next time when it is given in 10 mins to a non-serious offense. I would like it to be considered for my Teamspeak and In-game ban to be repealed.

Thank you for reading this lengthy ban appeal, as it involves the action of everyone in the Teamspeak.


First of all depending on the rule broken it maybe be a kick then a ban if it happens twice, but if it is something like a pilot not being in TS or changing your name in TS to match your in game name it requires two messages then a kick then a ban. also your name has to be recognisable in TS so example if your name in game is TheNamesLui and your TS name is Lui this will be harder to see but okay to play as. If your name is the same as before (TheNamesLui) and your TS name is TeamSpeak User then you have to change it. (this also applies for any name that is different from your in game name).

The player ignored requests in game to get in TS, and the names in TS did not match the game( they were not even close, Chris was something completely different, like sarge bacon), and since I didn’t know that they were in TS as they were not responding IN TS, they got kicked. They came back and argued that they were stupid rules and this went on for a good 5 min. They changed their names again and dared to get banned. Yes, I didn’t like their attitude but I did not lose my temper. If they don’t like the rules, play somewhere else; don’t sit in TS and complain ad nauseam and troll the admin. At this point they were trolling and got banned for such.

Im appauled, Vgerdj that is the worst recollection of what happened. First off we talked BEFORE you first kicked us and we had a chat that you thought had attitude because you are so self-righteous. You then proceeded to kick us and then we came back because it was a kick not ban, which we then asked if everything was “okay now, can we just fly.” That immediately pissed you and your side kick off as once again you said you, and I quote, “hate our attitudes.” We DID NOT dare to get banned and we did not change our names again AT ALL except to our in-game names about a minute and a half after you had told us to do so with us complaining about your seriousness on a petty issue. You can be caught lying in your post as I had posted the actual times that we were both kicked and banned which happened within exactly 2 minutes (you said about 5, even though I posted the times). This also proves your short temper and issue with people talking back to you as you take your position above the average player, who is your fan base may I remind you (Some of them even donate, like me). You simply have been caught not reading this entire ban appeal that I have posted, came in here with either the worst recollection or purposely lying to cover that you had inappropriately banned two people off of pure ego and did not care to engage with conversation that we could work this out. Once again, you have been caught breaking the Administration Commandments and simply are not willing to deal with this terrible service that you have provided. I remember this event like it was yesterday yet its almost a month later, you obviously have something going on other than honest service. If I could be so seen in the eyes of the Administration team on this server as to have an opinion/suggestion that wouldn’t be struck down because I am not one of you, I would have you removed immediately for your power abuse.