Closed - BigDaddy - Banned for being a pilot but I was on thr TS server

I got a 1 hour ban for being a transport pilot on the Altis server but I was on the TS naksquad server. Razorback told the admin I was a pilot and not on the TS server but to further show that I was I replied back that I was on and even when I replied it said TS server on my tag and 20sec after the reply I was banned for an hour by admin for breaking rule #11 but I was on the TS server. I do not remember what Admin it was but I just want to clarify this so no other BS like this happens in the future, Thank You.

I think what you missed is that you need to be in the channel assigned to the Map you are playing on. Example - playing on Altis as a Pilot, you are in the TeamSpeak Channel NAK Altis #1. The Admin who warned you and then subsequently banned you for the 1 hour time, shouldn’t have to dig through the channels to verify you are “on” TS. If he or she has the time, they will attempt to scroll through. Most of us tend to be on the server playing when we are online.

You asked a couple days prior, according to a chat log, on how to get on TS. If you are new to this, please feel free to ask an Admin at any time and we can ensure you join the right channel in the future.

All the rules are in game, also on Altis now, there is a splash screen when you join, where you accept the rules to play. It has links to the appropriate items associated with the NAK website and servers

I had that screen and when I select pilot my ts username moves to the slot automatically which was on Altis and yeah im sorta new to the game like I played a little bit of the campaign and I understand how to operate aircraft and vehicles but I would just like to clarify that I was on the TS channel and btw I have no mic so I just joined the TS server to become a pilot and im pretty good at it to be honest

Make sure your in game name matches your teamspeak name to avoid confusion.

Also all pilots will need to be in the pilots channel and not any of the sub channels.

If you have no mic and someone is saying you are not in teamspeak, alt+tab out of the game, open the teamspeak window, select your channels chat box at the bottom, and let them know you are in the teamspeak from here. If you let them know in-game there is a chance that it will be missed as the people looking into the situation are most likely have pressed alt+tab and are no longer looking at their game screen but instead at the teamspeak.

I just wanted to add my input. I looked in Altis Pilots its subchannels (Alpha Bravo) same thing for Malden and I didn’t see anyone named BigDaddy unless you did not have matching names at the time and that is when I notified the Admin.

Thank you for the information I did see that you did reply to the third message the admin sent you. It is possible that he was creating the ban as your message was coming in, both time stamps are the same.
I did also look in the TeamSpeak User DB and was not able to find any user with the user name BigDaddy. If you are going to pilot on NAK servers you must be in the correct channel and your in game name and TeamSpeak nick name must match.

The admin did follow all of our policies when issuing this ban.

i asked for a name in TS but no one said anything and that is when i gave you a 1 hour ban. Even other players in the TS agreed that if you where in th TS you would have typed or said something even when i banned you i didn’t hear or see anyone by the name big daddy.