Closed - Bewgs - Ban Appeal - Banned for racism?

1. Exact in game name:

2. Player Steam profile copy here:

3. Screenshot, or word by word ban message given upon entering:
You were kicked off the game. (Batt|Eye: Admin Kick ([Rule 1] banned for Perm - expires Perm by vgerdj))

4. Name of admin, and approximate time of ban and the server you were banned from:
vgerdj, ~ 22:00 CST, [NAK] | Nak#4 | ZEUS (Malden)

5. Explanation, notes, etc.:
That’s all I know, unfortunately. Upon respawning to switch roles, I received this message. I’ve only been on here starting today, and I’ve not been active via voice or chat because I’ve been in a Steam chat with a friend who plays on this server. I don’t seem to be banned on TS3, because I can still join that, so I’m assuming the ban was for in-game interactions? I sent a message to vgerdj on TS3, but he appeared to be offline or AFK, so other players directed me to the forums.

Not really sure what else to add; I’m not sure how the ban happened in the first place, but I appreciate anyone taking the time to look into it.

You were banned for Rule #1 which is Racism. We do not tolerate any form of racism, and you made two racist comments in TeamSpeak, in the 30 seconds it took to ban you. Both vgerdj and I were both in the TS channel at the time. I am not sure why you are still able to access our TeamSpeak server, you should have an active ban in there as well. Your in game ban will not be removed, and I will make sure that the TeamSpeak ban is entered correctly.

Well, that’s my point… I joined the TeamSpeak server after the ban to see if I could reach vgerdj right then. Prior to that, I didn’t even have it installed. If you did in fact ban me on TeamSpeak, I shouldn’t have been able to join whatsoever. The fact that I was able to should hopefully prove I was not on there. TeamSpeak bans are based of a UUID that isn’t limited by username or IP address, but rather tied to a combination of the former two and the machine’s SID, meaning it can’t be spoofed or altered. So even if I tried using a different username or IP address, I wouldn’t have been able to bypass a ban based off the UUID of my user, which suggests another player under my name was banned. I mean, frankly, neither you nor I have the ability to prove that player was me; when I logged in, it just asked me to pick a name. I could have picked “vgerdj” for that matter. (If you don’t believe me, test it out! Have a volunteer with access to a VPN or alternate IP address try bypassing a ban with a different user, IP address, or even installation of TeamSpeak. It’s actually a really ingenious feature from a programming perspective!)

I know players probably pull the whole “Oh someone must have been using my name” card all the time, so I understand it’s hard to prove my case here, but I really think the fact that vgerdj banned “Bewgs” on TeamSpeak yet I was still able to log in as “Bewgs” is strong evidence that the player banned was not me. Furthermore, this is a lot of effort to go through to get unbanned form a server I’ve been on for an hour…If I were some troll player, this would absolutely not be worth my time; I’d just move onto another server without second thought.

I really hope you will reconsider now with this new information. Like I said, I know players will pretend to “play dumb” a lot, but the fact alone that I can systematically prove my innocence by logging in with a UUID different than the one of the player who was banned should make this case a legitimate one. I think there was a player (Rich King, or something similar, maybe? First Lieutenant I believe) who was telling me to unmute myself in TeamSpeak (I didn’t know the rules of the channel; that’s my fault!) who can testify that I was in TeamSpeak post-ban as well.

Again, thanks for taking the time to look into this and hear me out.

When the player on TeamSpeak made the Racist comments, I banned them from TS. The time stamps and the IP address of that ban and the IP address of the ban in game match, so those two bans will remain. I will have another admin review the logs to make sure that I did not make a mistake, but I do not think I did. You are welcome to find me VileAce on TeamSpeak so we can talk in more detail.

—I did have another admin review the ban and they confirm that based on the time stamps and the IP address, the player banned in TS is the same player banned in game. The bans will remain.

i do not understand what you are saying about your TS ban? But what i can make sence of is that you where banned after you joined to talk to vgerdj then you made comments in TS and you where banned. And with the TS bans yes it only bans your UID but we can also see your IP. And your IP in game and in TS are the same.

So that really only further suggests that I didn’t break the rule of which I’m accused. If you banned my IP in TS, I wouldn’t be able to log in. However, I can. The only two explanations here are either someone misidentified whoever they thought was being racist and banned me instead, or someone else was using my name in TeamSpeak.

None of the rest of it lines up. If I can prove to you that the IP address you have for me is not my IP address, will that help? I mean I really don’t know what else you guys want. You are prosecutor, judge, and jury here; I really have no grounds on which to defend myself, especially if you don’t believe me despite the fact I’m telling you the truth.

i dont understand . why do u need to be on ts, when u also banned from all nak current and future server .

You are not correct with your belief that if we banned your IP in TS that you would not be able to connect. Anyone may create multiple UID in TeamSpeak, the ban records the IP linked to a UID at the time of the ban. It is not a name or IP we banned in TS, we banned the UID associated to an IP address and name.

At the same time we then banned the Steam account in game that was using the same IP address at that exact time. Two people can not use the same IP address at the exact same time. You continue to make the statement that if it was you then you would not be able to continue to connect into TeamSpeak, but that is not a correct statement.

You are correct that we are prosecutor, judge, and jury, we run the servers for the community, but NAK is in charge. Two separate admins were in the TS channel at the time of your ban and I had a third admin that was not there reviewed the ban. At this point we are going in circles, if you would like to discuss this any further you many poke me in TS and I will speak to you there.

It’s alright. Thanks for your time anyway, VileAce. I had only just joined that day to play with a friend, but I don’t play Arma enough to worry too much about it even if I can’t prove my case. Have a good one, guys.

You were banned for saying something racist in TS, so the “Well, that’s my point… I joined the TeamSpeak server after the ban to see if I could reach vgerdj right then. Prior to that, I didn’t even have it installed.” Vile banned you in TS and I did a game ban. There were 4 admins in the TS channel when you said it. You were not on Zeus Malden, you were on Malden.