Closed - Banned for 3 Days for false reporting

Somehow when I said the words ‘I Waited here for 10 mintues for that jet’ It automatically reported DeltaWolf. Which is very very weird. I Did not report him I just said the words, So I’m wondering if the system is automatic. Which is weird. I Still don’t understand why I’m banned because he later gave the jet back to me before taking off. In which everything should be removed. -BlackNight

On our server we rely on players to help Admins by reporting players that break the rules. Many Admin monitor the chat log for keywords. When you typed:
2:24 AM(Side)[AW] BlackNight
dELTA Fucking dick
2:24 AM(Side)[AW] BlackNight
Stole the jet i was waiting for for 10 mintues

The Admin took your word and kicked the player with a warning not to steal vehicles on the server. Later you sent a message to the Admin in TeamSpeak.

<03:43:32> “BlackNight”: Hey my friend told me I Reported him somehow, In which i didnt he said he also got a warning and what i said it was just a joke becuase i was trying to make him feel bad we have been doing this allday i would like for his warning to be removed.
<03:44:00> “BlackNight”: His name is DeltaWolf

When we find that a player has intentionally falsely reported a player for an in game infraction, the player that thought it would be funny to get someone kicked from the server gets banned.

No where in the chat did you indicate that you were joking with the player. You were actually kicked for cursing at him, and when you returned you still did not say you were trying to be funny. How would the Admin know the difference from someone that was seriously vs. someone that was just messing around.

I will remove your ban with time served, but the notation will remain in your record on our server. Do not use the in game chat to play a joke on a player by lying about a server rule infraction.