Closed - Ban for no mic/ insult admin on stratis #2

Hello, i was banned 1hour on the server and 6days on the ts , On the Stratis, the reason was " Banned for No Mic/ Insult admin "
I’m not sure to really understand. Of course i don’t made insult, to player or admin.
No Mic , ok , mine is broken, but banned for that ?! and noone advertissement, and i was connected to the ts.
I’m french and i don’t understand all what people say, i communicate only by the chat, it’s why i was banned ??

My player name : RaTi
Server NAK#2 Stratis
The 06/14/2017 01:42 pm ~
Banned by vgerdj RULES #11, it was 6 days, and now its 1 hour ( it’s better but why banned ?? )
Connected on the good TS , Playing Pilot, and just after i drop on guy and his tank on the mission, i was banned just after that.

I often play on Altis #1 since longtime , and i never has anyone problems.

ok jai enlever le ban donc tu peux revenir sur le server. quand tu as un probleme avec les admins , dis leur que tu parle le francais et que je tes donnez la permission de piloter . je vais tajouter a nak elite a la fin du moi pour que cela narrive plus. et esque tu peux menvoyer ton uid en private message

la preuve que tu as ete avertis
1:40 PM
To RaTi
vgerdj: No pilot may be AFK. (sent by vgerdj)
1:42 PM
To RaTi
vgerdj: Last warning !!! Either join TeamSpeak or land and change your role now. Send a message in game chat if you are in the process of joining TS. (sent by vgerdj)

Je n’avais pas vu ces avertissements, j’en suis désolé.
En tous cas je te remercie beaucoup pour l’invitation, mais je ne trouve pas le moyen de t’envoyer un message privé

I added NAK Elite to his BattleMetrics, and sent you his Steam ID in private msg