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  4. message was truncating, I’m assuming Rollacanda

  5. I had no clue why I was banned until I got clarification that it was for driving a tank into another tank. I haven’t driven a tank at all today. I did drive a Rhino MGS on the tanoa server and that’s about it.
    There was a flipped slammer at base hq. I tried to flip it with a static mortar, but that didn’t work so I went to use the blackfish infantry… but then someone left a hellcat next to it, so i took it. Now during this, I check my map and see karr182 driving an IFV panther from it’s spawn toward the slammer, which is on the helipad. After I close my map and the hellcat spools up, I see two vehicles flipped now. So I lift both vehicles and put them back in their spawns. In side chat, I type “karr don’t flip any more vehicles”, before someone tries to pin me for impersonating an admin… i’m just teasing the guy, maybe I shouldn’t have said that but that’s in hindsight. Then I take off in the blackfish to get the side mission mora. When I reach AOFL, a new side mission spawns, transport storage box, so I cancel lifting the mora and head back to base hq but I get banned during the flight.

The reason for your ban was for breaking rule 4 and 6. You were driving a vehicle recklessly and slamming the vehicle into a barrier. this is breaking rule 4 and 6. You also drove around with a taru pod on top of your vehicle all around base hq which is exploiting a glitch. the reason it for the 7 day ban is because you recently were banned for the same infraction.

I didn’t drive recklessly in the base. As for the taru pod on top of the prowler, I was testing if I could drive the ammo pod all the way to the ao. I drove on the designated paths for vehicles, around the vehicle spawn at base hq and then to the ammo boxes facing the helipads. I did this 2-3 times at less than 40kmh, or else the pod would fall off. Then I took the ammo pod to the ao via halo jump.

I respawned after the halo, was incapicated after halo because you can’t open chute while carrying something as it’s considered a vehicle, this is when the situation described in the first post occured. So now I have an understanding of what I am banned for I can explain myself better.

The slamming of a vehicle into a barrier was me returning the prowler to it’s spawn, with the same intention I had when I returned the IFV and the slammer to spawn. I had my map open and crashed into the red/white airstrip marker. The car had only it’s 2 front wheels damaged and nothing got blown up. The fix was easy as going to it and repairing, it was an accident, and not blocking anyone from using the vehicle. I was just trying to help.

yeah that “test” is an exploit. If you can’t do it in real life, don’t do it Arma. Yes you could do it but unfortunately there’s no ratchet straps in Arma 3 you can lift the pod on a truck with a forklift…

also, there are heavy lift helicopters that can slingload the taru pod to the AO. Plenty of ways to “help” without overcomplicating the game

m0rty, you dont want to get involved in other peoples ban appeals, just let the admins. Let them do their thing man, after all, its their decision

To all players, unless you were a witness to an offence that is being appealed, we would prefer that you not reply to ban appeals. (Read between the lines let the Admins handle it)

“overcomplicating” lol… Yeah ban the good, regular players for minuscule mistakes while not doing anything about revenge tkers or people that are really trolling/griefing. Just ban right away, no attempt to correct the offending players either. Just ban for the hell of it I guess. Nice way to build good rapport with the people on your server. Disregard everything else the player has done because the admin thinks he’s an automated robot who must act on every single technicality(my take is for a false sense of consistency) or throw the book instead of using their earned discretion. Whatever floats your boat. I have played the same way in the 350+ hours logged before on NAK servers so the admins either have been too lenient or they are too strict/ban happy now. I think the latter is more true.

On another note; my first ban is proven to be a false ban from the admins’ responses. The active admin says he banned me for rule #10 while an overseeing admin, who wasn’t in game, says I was banned for rule #6. Chat logs disprove rule #10 and the active admin said himself rule #6 was not the reason. Thus the ban cancels out. I don’t mind whatever decision you make, it’s your loss more than mine, and I’m sure most regular players on the server would agree.

m0rty, I guess you’d prefer to play with type of people that go to lobby instead of respawning to pretend they haven’t gotten killed at all( which reduces the value of the achievement of legitimately not dying) while not being competent enough to fill multiple roles that aid the rest of the players instead choosing to solely pad their “score”. Or as I’d call them; virtual crotch stuffers.

98% of my interactions with the admins have been positive. With the 2% negative interactions coming only within the last 2 weeks, something has changed, possibly for the worse, since the ~4 months I haven’t played. If my first interaction from Fox wasn’t as well as it was, I wouldn’t have invested the time I have on NAK. I’ll return when and if I feel like making time for arma and if the admins(the troublesome ones, the rest seem to be very responsible with their authority) have gained more experience/wisdom/improved.