Closed - Ban Appeal - bdebone

  1. bdebo or bdebone I can’t recall which one I was using
  2. Steam Community :: bdebode
  3. You were kicked off the game. (Battleeye: Admin Kick([Rule BAD ROBOT] banned for Perm - expires Perm by Claws01))
  • Admin: Claws01
    Server: [NAK] | Nak#2 | I&A | Malden
    Approximately: September 21st 10:30~11:30 am [9/21/2017]
    Reason: I had mods enabled from playing on another server with very laxed rules and forgot that their use was prohibited.
  1. Explanation, notes, etc.:
    I was dumb and forgot that the backpack mod I had could spawn items/vehicles, which is obviously completely against the rules and I loaded it. I would link to it but my 30 minute search for it again on the steam workshop came up empty but it let you spawn items and has relatively large pack capacities. In hindsight I was really negligent and should’ve realized I was on a well admired server. I had no malicious intent or intent to use the mod in gameplay for cheating.

I am now more familiar with the rules for mods, a friend of mine who plays on the server only copied the allowed mods posted here into our discord chat.

Please, name of the mod and link

Appeal closed due to inactivity. May be re-opened upon providing requested information.