Closed - Ban Appeal - Avi Rantinkon

  1. Exact in game name. : AviRantinkon
  2. Player Steam profile copy here : Steam Community :: Error
  3. Screenshot, or word by word ban message given upon entering. : TS: “TK (1 Days) Fox” ArmA: “Rule #3 Intentional Team Killing. Banned for 1d - Expires 11/24/”
  4. Name of admin, and approximate time of ban and the server you were banned from. Fox, 9:29:49 PM PST TS and 4 Zeus
  5. Explanation, notes, etc. : We were on an operation. The op. was to destroy a tempest device. We blew up the device from a distance and drove away, Dean driving the first hunter and Fox driving the second. Fox crashed into some water and disabled the hunter, and the zeus deleted it. The Zeus spawned an armed prowler, and I said “I call driving, give me a sec to heal. Oh, and whoever get in driver before me gets shot.” So, fox gets in the prowler as driver, and I just got done healing myself. I walk up and stand there. I was trying to aim at fox, then ride in back, but when I went to ride in back I clicked lmb and shot Fox through the prowler seat, instantly killing him. I then go ahead and say that I didn’t mean to shoot hem, and get in the prowler as driver. I was going to drive over to Dean who was squad lead, and a respawn point so that fox could drive the rest of the way to the next objective. Before I could get to Dean, I got banned. Look, NAK is one of the best ArmA communities I have been in and I don’t want to ruffle any feathers or be on the wrong side of the rules, but I did something I can’t take back. Fox, I’m sorry.

    Also, I do not know why I was banned in TeamSpeak when my rule break was in the Zeus server.

well you just ruffled my feathers because you said in TS that you could take 1 day and i told everyone in the server before if another TK happens you will receive a 3 day ban. So then some time later you Tk me because you wanted to be in the driver seat.

You didn’t ask you just shot so your lucky the ban is only 1 day and it will stay 1 day.

Think about your actions over the time you have off and i can ban you from the TS if your banned in game.

Fox’s statement is accurate. As a witness being on that Prowler myself, I did witness Avi Rantinkon unprovoked shot at friendlies & Tk Fox without legitimate explanation.

Sgt. Meister was another witness in the vehicle at that time, so he can be an additional witness if needed.