Closed - Aids in a Can- Ban Appeal

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  4. See above screenshot.
  5. I have been playing on this server for over a month with no problem and then all of son this admin gets all pissy about my name in teamspeak and kicks me telling me to change my name. Doesn’t specify what to change it too or anything so I change it to “Ads in a Can". Name wasn’t causing any problems before but now its really not a big deal at all. Vice pokes me in Teamspeak says its not good enough so I change it to "Ads n a C*”. Now its really censored for any offended people. Boom banned for 7 days. So I roll with it and then boom banned from the actual server.

This is not an appropriate name for our servers. You may feel that we are being “all pissy”, but we prefer that players in our community refrain from being offensive. The fact that you got away with it up till this point is not the point. If you would like to change your name to something non-offensive you are welcome to return. “Censoring” the name by adding * in place of a vowel, is not considered changing your name. After kicking you from the server with the reason, that the name was not acceptable, you returned to the lobby and began cursing about being kicked, stating that you can have any f’ing name you want. You were banned for rule #13 which states No harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, slanderous , hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language. You received 7 days for the name and the comments in the lobby. Often when we ban people in TS we also ban them in game. In this case this the ban carried over to in game because the inappropriate and offensive name was being used there as well.

You may use one of the many other names you have used in the past:
Jack Reacher
Owen Wilson
Jimmy Reece
or even Trevor
But any variation of “Aids in a Can” and you will be banned again.

I will remove the in game ban, under the condition that no variation of Aids in a Can is used, censored or not. I am leaving the TS ban but I will change it to 3 days. You will not be allowed to pilot on any servers during the 3 day TS ban.