Clarification - which vehicles can be taken to the AO

Over the last few days players have been reporting that some admins may not be enforcing the moving hemtts from base “rule” the same way. I have sent a message to all admins and I am posting it here so it should be clear to everyone.

The vehicles that players can not take to the AO or move away from base, on Altis, are; any hemtt tow trucks, any ground vehicle on the carrier, and the two bobcats at the main terminal.

The bobcats, cheetahs, ammo hemtt, fuel hemtt, or repair hemtt from infantry HQ or rewards can be taken to the AO.

Similar guidelines apply for the other Invade and Annex servers where applicable.

Please be aware, if an admin instructs you to do something, such as not to take a vehicle to the AO, follow the admin instructions. If you believe that the admin is wrong, or if you wish for clarification about the ruling, post a message in the forums and it will be answered. If the admin was incorrect it will be discussed with the admin.