CIA Operative


I frequently play on the Malden server and I’m disappointed to see that the Rescue CIA Operative mission was taken out. That was a very fun mission that allowed us to clear buildings as well as deal with mines that were scattered along the premise. My friends and I adored the mission and the challenge that it presented to us. We aren’t so fond of the mission that we believe replaced it, Destroy Convoy. It’s not nearly as challenging because you can engage the offshore speed boats from a kilometer away and they never fire at you. It can be taken out by a single man in five minutes as long as they have a reasonably big backpack and a titan missile launcher. It doesn’t pose much of a challenge and is quite boring of a mission. I’m wondering if you could replace this mission with the previous one you removed. It was far more challenging and that’s what made it so much fun.


we still using the cia mission on malden

I haven’t seen the mission pop up in the past week and a bit. I’ve just been seeing Black Hawk Down, Destroy Heli, Destroy Radar, Destroy Convoy, Secure Radar, Secure Heli, etc.

There’s another mission that I haven’t seen in a while either and that’s Download Image #422 or something along those lines. That was also an amazing mission, was that taken out of the cycle?

Were they perhaps reduced in the frequency they appear in?

i am going to increase the chance of getting that mission , everything set to random

Could you decrease Destroy Convoy too? As I mentioned before it is quite a boring mission that is easily completed. It takes a jet roughly two minutes to complete and it takes five minutes for infantry. It’s just a nuisance really.

ok i will

mars4evr - you have to remember there are some easier missions so that the team can get rewards. I think Claws is working on code that will prevent a mission from repeating between restarts. There are many of the harder side missions that go unplayed unless there are many players on the server.

Please keep in mind that we are trying to come up with a variety of missions for players to enjoy and calling them a “nuisance” is a little abject.

I didn’t mean to offend anyone by calling that mission a nuisance. I only meant that it is a mission that can easily be completed. The AI are too far away for any engagement most of the time so a player is able to defeat it with little to no resistance.

As VileAce mentioned, there are some harder missions on the server. One of which is the “Destroy CSAT Plane” mission. This mission is a little glitchy at times because there are AI inside of the cargo towers that you are unable to kill at times. You can neither go into the tower, nor shoot through the bulletproof glass. This leads to AI surviving inside of these towers and the mission will not be completed until they are killed. Typically, they can only be killed if CAS is online and running. Unfortunately, CAS is a rare luxury on the Malden server so this leaves the mission on the server for a fairly long time.

Just a little remark to this mission. Regarding the building the CIA operator is held captive. Some of the AI is able to shoot through closed doors. This is especially valid for the ones in the captives room itself. This tends to lead to people shooting through closed doors themselves. Thus killing the CIA operative by mistake.
I don’t think this is a mistake made by any script of the mission itself, but some bug of the game itself. I just wanted to mention it anyway.

AI shooting through doors/walls has also been an issue with Arma and there is no way for us to resolve that.