checking playtime hours

hey guys probably a silly question but I followed the instructions via the banner page to check playtime on servers as i’ve been way over the amount to get a rank and its asking me to claim the server in order to check players hours, am i missing something?


First off you have about 70 hours 44 min total. I couldn’t get mine right through game tracker either. The only reliable way I know of right now is to ask an admin nicely to check your hours for you if they have the time. I’m more than willing to do it for people when they ask me in TeamSpeak. It might get put on the back burner if I’m bringing down the hammer on people in the server that are trying to blow the server up. However, I will get the times to you lol.

This can be used to check playtime hours. Vile referred me to this:

You can check with the above by:

Awesome!! I was looking for a way to know my time total game .
I have 269 hours in Malden & 112hours on Altis.
Totaly 381 Hours … ôÔ Glup!