Changes to NAK Tac - open for dicussion

At this point NAK Tac has not been successful enough as designed to justify continuing. So we need to make some changes. We had 115 members sign up for NAK Tac and only 54 have signed up for the Steam group, and at the last mandatory event we had only 13 players.

The leading proposal, is that the server be open to the public, with specific positions whitelisted.
The server would run a mission at all times, mods will be restricted. Some mods will be required for maps and units but other mods may be optional (Advanced movement and similar). One of the required mods will most likely TFAR. We still need to decide if ACE will be used. We would also run special events similar to the Zeus server, to add variety. We have not decided if there will be a Zeus or not, nor what tools will be running to assist the commander, this is open for discussion.

Also open for discussion is whether there is an arsenal or not. The options are to allow players to choose their loadout, require users to use preset loadouts, based on role or allow a limited arsenal based on role to allow players to choose between a few weapons, accessories, and other options.

The general idea is that there would be a whitelisted command position (player or admin controlled), if player controlled they would have limited admin ability, to kick players that are not following the rules. The command role would “approve” squad, vehicle and pilot activities. We are going to look into the Commander to be able to change the map or start voting for a map change. We may make the Commander the Zeus, reasons for this are listed below, but this is open for discussion.

If no Commander is online then squads would be able to carry out missions as generated by the server. We will try to make missions that will last longer than the existing Invade and Annex servers, and also be generated based on the number of players logged in. If we do decide to allow a Zeus he would be able to make side missions and or alter the main mission.

There would be squad leaders, again whitelisted, to help run the missions and give general instruction to the public players. Each squad would be smaller than what we currently have, but will contain similar roles, we would just eliminate duplicates. Players will be expected to play the role they select. We will work on finding a way to balance the squads, and prevent players from joining a squad that does not have a squad leader.

We may also look into allowing squad leaders to “generate” a side mission (via script) for their squad to accomplish. This would be useful when there is not enough players to take on the main mission or when no commander is online.

We will look at options for vehicle deployment. We could required command approved for all vehicles or some vehicles. We could require a minimum number of players in a vehicle based on type. For example armor would only be allowed if there were 3 players in the vehicle.

We need to make choices on how to handle air assets and mission (CAS runs infil,exfil, etc.) Do we make all air assets require command approved, or only attack type assets. It also needs to be decided whether to whitelist pilots or not. If we allow the Commander to be Zeus then the commander could spawn restricted vehicles once “approved”. Other vehicles, transport related, could be on the map by default so if there is not a commander online, the squads would still be able to get to and move around at the AO.

The general idea would be that existing squad leaders and above would be whitelisted as squad leaders and we would open a approval process for the commanders.

We would appreciate opinions on the following issues:

  • Alternate solutions for NAK Tac in general. If you have an alternate idea, please feel free to submit that.
  • ACE3 or no ACE3
  • Which required mods - RHS can not be required
  • Arsenal options - Full arsenal, arsenal based on role, cosmetic arsenal or no arsenal.
  • Allow Zeus or not
  • Make Commander role the Zeus
  • Whitelist Pilots
  • Command required approval for air asset deployment or allow transport only and require approval for attack assets.
  • Require a minimum number of players for a vehicle to be deployed (some servers require a minimum 3 players for armor to be deployed)

I like the idea of keeping the NAKTAC server closed to members. Though the low turnout is a concern, I would suggest scaling down to 1 maybe 2 squads. I know this seems small but many of the big name Arma units started out that way. Also by scaling back, it would allow for greater teamwork-based missions as well as a larger range of missions.

Thank you for the feedback. The issue with this suggestion, as you pointed out, is it’s hard to justify the added “cost” with such a small community, both the cost of the server and the human cost. It is possible to use the Zeus server for the events or to run two Arma servers on one physical server. But there is still the cost in time that one or more people have to put into NAK Tac.

What would the negative be opening up the infantry to public? I know it would be more work for the squad leaders to take untrained players in a squad, but it is not much different than what we have today. I know a couple squads have done training, and a few people have read the training document, but I do not know if it is enough to not open the server to more people.

Maybe the solution is to have a lot more people in the squads to make up for those that do not show up. Or maybe the solution is to leave the structure as is but open the server to the public to fill the infantry roles when people do not show up. The problem with having a single player in a key role, when they do not show up for an event, it affects everyone. In the last couple events, our structure meant nothing. We have to totally rearrange because some of the key roles were not there. I understand that people have lives outside or Arma, we just need to structure what we have, so that we are not scrambling at the last minute to make changes.

I am still thinking out loud, that is why I posted this message for feedback.

Update: Crater+1 Vunkai+1 and Geist664 +1 (Geist also request more whitelisted Zeus and no restrictive “training”)

Heres my two cents from a former Community Manager from Electronic Arts (Medal of Honor)

Keep server Private but run missions on server much like your other servers. This will allow NAK TAC members to join and play exclusively anytime they want. Trust me, we’d rather join our own private server than listen to 12 year olds in the pilot channel of Altis.

Maintain the loadouts and uniforms as current but allow us to select a variety of weapons within that class. AutoRifleman can select M249, M60, etc. DMR has the option of 3 to 4 rifles etc.

Maintain TFAR but keep frequencies on Map

Maintain ACE but let us select what we want in our bag. (Give everyone the medic ability)

No longer publish mandatory events, but advertise as Saturday Zeus Mission exclusive to NAK Tac Server and all NAK Tac members are free to join. Hell have one night a month that its open to the public so they can see what NAK tac is about.

Select 4 members of NAK Tac to be recruiters! Have these 4 members play in the public server and look out for players to be part of NAK Tac.
Post applications on the website and have tryouts.

People generally want to belong, but you need active recruiting and active social media to draw players in. Arma is launching Tac Ops so heres your moment to strike. And with an open Tac server running 24/7 you will be bound to make more videos and screenshots

Bottom line. Keep the server, run it like the other servers, keep it private, keep tfar, keep ace, let us have a few more weapon choices defined for the roles, and treat it as an exclusive server for Elite NAK members to keep us from the 12 year olds and do a saturday mission advertised as Zeus nights without the emphasis of mandatory.
And lastly have a recruiting element. I will volunteer.


Agree with Quicksplice’s suggestions - We have plenty of people who are NAK Elite’s and NAK Tac members who would be willing to run a more directed mission set - with TFAR and other add-ons that make you actually talk on your teams, and not blowing up the TS, as does the Zeus Server tends to go. I would call that the Arcade version to the NAK Tac servers more mil-sim’sh approach.

I may not have been able to attend any event yet, but I am very well versed in team tactics, mission sets and training aspect, since that’s what I primarily did in my military career for 20 years. I am very willing an able to spew out my knowledge and training on the subject matters if need be to give the mission’s a a more real world feel, and not something that seems a little… wonky? Anyways…that’s my 2 cents

Revised suggestions.

M-Th for NAK Tac using Annex Coop

Fri open to public

Zeus event nights closed to public open for NAK Tac

Monthly TAC vote at the end of the month to accept new members that played public

Unfortunately the NAK Tac server can not give any preferential treatment to NAK Elite. It would force us into “monetized” status.

Please take this topic as a discussion not a decision. It is open to comments and feedback. I am taking Quicksplice’s comments into consideration. I spoke to him to get some clarity on his comments.

Any other feedback is appreciated.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but by keeping the NAKTac server unmonetized wouldn’t that allow use of the RHS mods?
Im basing my statement of this one on one of their mods:
You may not use the material for commercial purposes. This includes running this package on server instances that employ any monetization schemes, including, but not limited to, donate-reward systems. Bohemia Interactive’s approval of your monetization scheme does not grant you rights to wave this clause of the EULA.

No unfortunately they have specifically denied NAK use of their mod.

If anyone has comments or suggestions, on the future direction of NAK Tac, please make sure to have your comments posted no later than November 17th. NAK Command will be making an announcement on the 18th regarding changes to NAK Tac.

What if we re-opened applications, that way we can replace the inactive players.

Joker, I think the problem isn’t so much recruiting efforts and getting a new batch of players. It’s getting the server operational and populated and then bringing in members based on a criteria that is based upon on a community collective.

NAK Tac should in my opinion be for those who want to play with a tactical mindset (milsim or not) and not be concerned about the next Friendly Fire incident or players that lack the maturity needed.

Not so much a private group or fraternity, but a group that is oriented in the mindset of a tactical operator not an Arma hobbyist,

I had to re-read what I wrote, adding to my previous post

  1. consolidation of the units (as suggested prior) - direct new CO’s and Company Sgts (Team Lead’s and squad members)
  2. One last push to everyone who initially showed interest to give them a week’s notice - ie; If you are still interested in NAK TAK Operations, please respond back…etc etc - if you do not reply back after XX date, your membership to NAK TAK will be voided. (that will help trim the team down)
  3. Minimum of 2 Squad based events per month. Alpha on this day - Bravo on this day - 1 Major Nak TAK event per month
    Assign at least 2 responsible and mature Zeus certified members to each squad to create and manage an op for the assigned Squad on the assigned date, direct 1 from each squad to combine training/scenario creation for the major event at the end of the month. I believe the time between the major events will allow people to connect when they have the time and train or play on the server, get used to layouts and setups for the classes.
  4. Dedicated classes with assigned layouts via arsenal - ie; battlefield 4 type setup, where the variations are limited, a few weapon choices, same uniform standards, with the exceptions case by case.
  5. Assigned trainers for each squad - min 2, max 4 with a Lead Trainer - establishes protocol for vets of Arma 3 game play, and assists new players - the biggest troubles I saw were the basic concepts of team play, movements between team members and how to respond to orders
  6. Mandated Task Force Radio training prior to any op - whether it is a helpful how to guide found on Youtube to someone taking the time and training in server. The biggest issue most have is how to operate it, change channels, and not bog down the radio with random conversations

7… still thinking on the rest

Chuck, while I agree to your assessment the “assigning” people is the failure in all of this. Squad Leaders were assigned with the hopes they would drive us to training, didn’t happen.

Players were assigned roles for aviation, sofcom, recon, etc. Did they perform or show interest or resign?

Assigning stuff to people that you don’t know that well does not work. It works when you have someone step up for the responsibility and their merits and talents have been challenged.

Even though I’m guilty of saying “assign recruiters” which I now retract because in reality I would volunteer for it.

But regardless. Your best approach and outcome will to run a TFAR/ACE server for TAC members to join at anytime and operate much like the Annex. You will then see who wants to be there, and who doesn’t. You then form your team around those players who show up. You then open it to the public on specific nights to filter out candidates that are meeting the merits and talents and comradery that NAK is seeking for.

Ultimately its up to Claws and Vile at this point. But the suspense of waiting till Saturday is killing me! I just want a fun environment for all with ACE/TFAR tools and yet not worry about the 12 year old who shoots me and then screams at me for his screw up

This wouldn’t be as huge of a change, but I’d like a little bit more individual choice in terms of weapon and weapon attachments. I don’t necessarily want people running around with M107s, but I’d like to see a few weapon options. For example, changing your sight to a holographic sight or switching your Mk18 out for an M4A1. This wouldn’t be for all players but as a reward for attending events. Higher positions cough squadleads cough could be given a little bit more freedom in terms of weaponry.

General question, which branch of the military was NAKTAC modeled after?



I agree with you - but its a crap shoot so to speak when you attempt to set up a dedicated Tactical gaming unit anywhere. I’ve been playing video games, PC games, etc for nearly 25+ years. I’ve been apart of 2 major groups who were “mature” enough and responsible enough to manage such a feat. Not saying the crowd that NAK attracts is not mature by any means, but we, you, I and others that play here have experienced some “wtf” moments with a handful of players who have attended events or say they know how to play the game.

The vetting process helps eliminate the have and have nots. It helps bring in the like minded and mature members who really just try to live out a mil-sim fantasy of having fun, playing tactically and enjoy the game for what it is.

As Vile said, these are all suggestions and no suggestion is purely a bad one or horrible one. Going back to the drawing board is necessary at some point to make sure the initial idea was sound and see what needs to get adjusted.

I believe we have somewhere between 6-12 dedicated core members who want this to succeed in some form. Allowing their talents to shine is essential, and give credit where credit is due. From there, adding on will be easy when the server takes off after the revamp.

I think the initial failure came from it being to large, and too many moving parts. “Too many chiefs, not enough Indians, is a common saying in my old work center.” Some of you will get the meaning… but in lamens terms, too many people telling people what to do and not enough people listening and executing the instructions or orders.

What if we made NAKTAC invitation only, it would allow for a greater vetting process plus give it more appeal due to its exclusivity. We would assign a dedicated scout or two for each NAK server, those scouts would observe players and look for those who A. Follow the rules B. Can hold their own in combat C. Have a mic D. Show good teamwork/leadership skills. At the end of the month after a list of 10 candidates has been made, members would vote on 2 to be invited to NAKTAC. By doing this we would have handpicked some of the best players from the NAK servers to participate in the events*. *I have another idea about revamping our NAKTAC operations, not that there is anything wrong with them.