Cap no friendly fire zones to a reasonable altitude

It is especially prohibitive having misfires when engaging CAP planes due to infinity (or no) checks on altitude.

The counter argument is that it negatively impacts server performance. I’d argue that you are ALREADY performing such checks on the player location, so checking for ALTITUDE in addition to XY coordinates is trivial.

That is a fair point. I would say, if you are chasing an AA jet near USS Freedom (Common spot for Shikra (Stealth) to spawn at in my opinion. Or a Nephron that is engaging idle helicopters for infantry transport at SW of Molos (Infantry HQ), the CAP on friendly fire zones should be restricted to 1000m in the air. Giving Bluefor the chance to engage targets and take them out or flare, in those rare yet exigent circumstances.

some player will use that to tk player at base .

You can flare in the no fire zone. As for mwpowellhtx, due to his personal attack against me, and his inappropriate comments in the quick chat, I would be fine with him finding another server to play on.