Can you spot the sniper?

Hi everyone,

once in a while i like searching the net for hidden sniper pictures, since camouflage is something that I really like going in to.

I have made some screenshots for you folks, and in each picture, there is a hidden sniper between 5 and 20 meters away .

Can you spot him?

Link for full size image: 20180726135232 1 — Postimages

Link for fullsize image: 20180726135615 1 — Postimages

Link for fullsize image: 20180726135924 1 — Postimages

Link for fullsize image: 20180726141108 1 — Postimages

Since the sniper can not be seen from a few meters distance, imagine a distance of over 3 clicks away… but this brings up another question. What does the sniper see?

Below is an example of what some high powered scopes offer::
Normal View of towers:

Link for fullsize image: m1 — Postimages
A bit of a closer zoom (eyes only):

Link for fullsize image: m2 — Postimages
Target dead:

Link for fullsize image: 20180726142827 1 — Postimages

snipers are among the deadliest of all opponents one can meet on the battlefield. Respect and fear them :wink:


Your M1 has plants growing on it!

But for real, you are the camo master my friend!

took me a while, but I think i found you. but really have no clue if thats you lol

excuse the poor quality of the edit lol. did it in 3 mins

Yup, that’s it on that pic. Note, the other pics are not the same config (ghuillie/weap), but you got me on this one :wink:

The only way I was able to find you was thanks to your lastest post where you showed your new ghille that looked like a plant lol, I was able to recognize the top of the suit with the large plant and made a wild guess

LOLz :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Nice work, I couldn’t find the sniper.