Can we get a Zeus/NAKtac forum sub-group? also script errors there I noticed yesterday

As in a subsection for ‘server-feedback’ section.

16:21:07 Error in expression <os "respawn_west";

reserved_units = [gm1,gm2];

_uid = getPlayerUId player;

16:21:07   Error position: <gm1,gm2];

_uid = getPlayerUId player;

16:21:07   Error Undefined variable in expression: gm1
16:21:07 File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis\initPlayerLocal.sqf, line 24

20:59:27 Error in expression <_CUR_MP.Altis\onPlayerRespawn.sqf"

if (PARAMS_Fatigue == 1) then {player enable>
20:59:27   Error position: <PARAMS_Fatigue == 1) then {player enable>
20:59:27   Error Undefined variable in expression: params_fatigue
20:59:27 File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis\onPlayerRespawn.sqf, line 2

This one below is likely a ACE specific one but just wanted to mention it incase

19:43:41 Error in expression <torMultiply (0.01 * (_i + 1)));

if (!lineIntersects [_pos1, _pos2]) exitWith >
19:43:41   Error position: <lineIntersects [_pos1, _pos2]) exitWith >
19:43:41   Error 0 elements provided, 3 expected
19:43:41 File z\ace\addons\frag\functions\fnc_doSpall.sqf, line 49

None of these errors are relevant, In the two cases with our code it just means the variable is not declared yet because it was not needed. The first is because no one was in the Zeus role, the second is because the player had not spawned yet. We do error check our code. Sometimes if is better to just let the error go then to put an if statement that has to be checked every time the code runs. As you only get these errors once it is better to do it this way.

And we do have a Zeus and NAK Tac forums. That server is run differently so we have different structure for the forums
Zeus -
NAK Tac -

NP just making sure it was as simple as that… also I was referring to Server-Feedback, altis, malden, etc have sub forums but nothing specifically for the Zeus/Naktac for here (unless Im missing something or not seeing it) I’ll post that 3rd bug to the mod maker

We do not have the sub-forums here because the Altis/ Malden and Tanoa (when it is live) use common coding whereas the Zeus server does not, so we left is as its on separate parent level. NAK Tac does not have a specific page, because the mission and code change weekly, although the two issues you pointed out iare part of code that is reused most weeks.

Okay that makes it simple enough.