Can not find servers

I have been having a recurring issue, and wonder if this could be a cause. Not infrequently my Arma server browser can’t locate any of the NAK servers. The two servers I have been logging onto most - Altis and Malden - normally come up under the [favorites] or [recent] tabs, but occasionally they don’t show up at all. Even if the browser lists 300 -400 servers under the internet tab, not one NAK server will be on the list. There are also times when the server browser is completely void of ANY server listings, and nothing I do will bring up search results. Can’t decide if this is a NAK issue or an Arma issue (yes, I have validated my files).

Have you tried to direct connect? Here are the server IP’s:

Altis Port:2302
TvT Port: 2502
Malden Port:2302
Liberation Port:27002
Lythium Port:2402
Zeus Port:2302

If you are having issues finding the server in the launcher, make sure you filter with “[NAK” (closing bracket intentionally omitted). If that does not find all of our servers, you need to make sure all of the Arma ports are open in your router and firewall.

UDP: 2302-2506
UDP: 27002 - 27006

I have tried several search configurations, including the one you have suggested. No joy. Having the port numbers may be what I need. Thanks for those.

The images file had the filter I do not recommend, as it has an issue when using it in game filtering. I also recommend filtering for:


For some reason when you use the closing bracket when filtering in game it causes problems.

wmetcalf I know you have tried various filters, I just need to make sure it is clear for other people that read the post.