Hi Vileace and Claws.

You were the reason I joined NAKSQUAD about a year ago.
I loved every bit of ARMA experience with you guys.

But recently with new NAK command and the new player community things are pretty rough and unpleasant in your server.

There were lot of instances were it was the players mistake, but he didn’t even care to apologize.
Forget about the friendly fires, its like crazy in this server.
Raising those things as an issue, the admins didn’t even care.

Some players are new and are exceptions but not every time. It doesn’t mean you are new and you will ruin others experience.
If you have hosted a server worldwide, you should equally welcome players from other country and not treat them like shit.

When I try to point things out to the admins, they tell me that not to argue.

May be you are Americans and we are not from your country. So guys are very partial towards your homies. I GET THAT.

So In conclusion.
To bid farewell to you guys and hope to never see each other.

There are other server I can hop into and get better experience with matured players from around the globe.

Thanks for your time and for reading this.

For the same reason I would never come back to NAKSQUAD or the server for things that I can’t forget that happened in the last few days and how and unmatured admin treats old players or players in general or a NAK Elite player. This is an absolute horrible experience one can have.

Ex. NAK ELITE[dont want to be anymore, pointless]

I recently heard you went on killing sprees on friendlies on NAK servers and basically griefed.

I doubt who is the inmature player…

I just kicked two guys yesterday for excessive tk…

We just implemented a tk system so that people have the ability to punish tkers so frankly anything you have to say on the matter has no weight. I stepped in yesterday on the first player because no one wanted to punish and on the second player I kicked him before he got punished.

Believe me I will remove you from the server if I believe there is malicious intent and keep you away if I need to. I don’t care if you’re Elite or Tac and I sure as hell don’t care where you are from. You WILL be treated the same.

We have the system in place now so that players can punish team killers which promotes situational awareness and deters malicious players. If all else fails then you can call for an admin and if they aren’t doing their job then file a misconduct report on the forums and it will be looked into.

Building on what Golden said, admins do not mistreat players at all, never mind out right profiling those not from the states. We have admins here from over 8 different countries, from North America, South America, Europe and Asia. If you do feel you were mistreated and can provide the necessary evidence, please feel free to file a misconduct report that the Chief of Staff’s can review.


NAK provides a gaming environment to accommodate a variety of different play style options. The established rules are in place so there is no guessing as to what the server expectations are and the admins are trained to be consistent and fair with their enforcement. We cherish the diversity of players on our servers representing many different countries and ethnicities.

NAK provides a forum where a player can dispute an admin action as well as report inappropriate behavior on the server. Unfortunately, I do not see a single recent post from you identifying a problem for review, which is very confusing considering the accusations you make on your departure.

I have reviewed admin actions up to this point and have determined them to be within the established guidelines. I can assure you that there is no nationalism bias that has taken place.

I would encourage you to keep an open mind on your future endeavors and follow establish guidelines to help promote positive change wherever your gaming and social life takes you.