[BUG] Assembled Mortar Despawned.

While playing as FCS gunner on Invade & Annex Altis server, I put multiple unassembled mortars (tube and bipod backpacks) into a strider, which I ended up parking on a mountain on the limits of one of the AO’s. I then took the parts for a single mortar out of the vehicle, and assembled them some 20 meters away from the strider.

I was able to use it just fine, but at one point I found myself having to go back to the Strider to grab a Titan AA launcher. After using it to shoot down an enemy aircraft, I went back to use the mortar again, and it was gone. Not disassembled, just gone. So i went back to the Strider, grabbed the parts for another, and set up a 2nd mortar.

I was afraid of it despawning, so I stayed on the Mortar as long as I could. However, at some point I found myself returning to the Strider to do something (I can’t remember exactly what). After accomplishing my goal, I went again to use the mortar, and it was gone again.

Unfortunately I don’t have any documentation or other supporting data, but I thought I would report the issue nonetheless in the hopes that maybe the underlying cause can be addressed.

Thanks for reading.

The despawn timer on things are very low, (1 minute or less ish). Thats’ the reason why it gets despawned. Pretty sure this is to reduce server lag.

Given that in general, only 1 person will ever be setting up a mortar, is it possible to individually adjust the timer for it?

I noticed that Autonomous weapon emplacements seem to stay up, so that would mean the timer is set to 1 minute for only crewed weapon emplacements. (I’ve seen HMG’s also despawn quickly)

I assembled a Titan AT launcher emplacement which I had loaded into a vehicle, I was able to take it out immediately after and put it back in, however after driving a good distance, the AT launcher was no longer listed by name, and I was unable to unload it. This leads me to wonder if the 1 minute timer applies to assembled emplacements stored inside a vehicle? If so, I would ask that if possible that the timer also be changed to not effect loaded assets.

Please submit a bug report at https://www.naksquad.net/bug-tracker/. This way it gets tested verified and assigned.