Blackfishes cannot be flown out of base


I have noticed that alot of players (Including myself) have issues with the blackfishes spawns. It appears that the blackfishes spawn within 2 metres of sheds which prevents them from taking off, and then eventually being destroyed.

Is it possible we move these blackfishes to another more fitting spawn, or remove the hangers/garages directly infront of them?

which server ?

Hello claws, this is the malden server. Especially the verhicle blackfish opposite of the hunters (GMG and HMG) is a good example of a bad spot,. with no real space to correct a take off.

I know this is old and since relocated, but I learned there was some kind of bug at the time that made the Blackfish behave without control if the pilot was in a squad. This made the Blackfish move erratically, usually forward into the structure and crash. Only way to remedy this was to leave a squad.

otanguma - This is a know Arma 3 bug and is our FAQ’s.

boat docks on altis have the same problems… esp the one near main airfield. you gotta slam the boat around just to get it to turn away from the docks and do some K turns manuvers with it.