Blackfish Skin based upon The Expendables

Whatcha think?

Cant see by that photo but the belly is white, still need to paint the underside of the wings to match the movie which is white as well and black on the leading edge also paint the blades and try to put ‘Global Wildlife Conservancy’ on the side (but might not be possible due to texture mirroring) Lil side note I did this before they released the sources for Apex hence why I never published it on Steam (and possible copyrights albeit all artwork and images are my own creation) Just noticed I missed the black leading edge on the tail section easy to fix.

Its based off the Grumman HU-16 they used in one of the films.

Claws and I have been talking about something related to this. We have been discussong allowing players to create their own custom skins for vehicles. They could send the files to us for review and inclusion into the mission file. During the dynamic loadout or some other method the players would get to choose from all of the custom skins available. Because they would be part of the mission file, everyone would see the custom skin.

We are still in the very early phases of talking about this, if it is something that you would like to see included, let us know. I can’t promise that we will include this feature in the long run, but if there is enough interest, and if we feel that at least a few players would like to make custom skins, it may move up on the action item/wish list.

Yeah I was talking last night to the guys on Tanoa how QS’s old server mission file was about 70megs in size cuz of mutliple customizable vehicle skins. If ya like it, I’ll work a few days on it to finish it up this weekend and I’ll throw ya a copy of the texture files.