Battleye Disconnects

So I have a friend (swear it’s not me) that is disconnected from the Malden server because of Battleye when he enters the arsenal or enters a vehicle. Or just coincidence he is dropped in around 2 minutes or less.

Yet when joining Altis he has no issues at all and doesn’t drop.

He has updated his router firmware, he has joined form the game and not the dashboard
any other suggestions?

Very strange …

What does it say when it happens?

Its working for him today in Malden. Maybe he just had packet loss


I had the same problems this week.
And 2 others players VileAce & “Petz” ( something like that )
But only on Altis, Malden work perfectly.
The problem persists for several hours ( 3 or 4hours for me )

It look to be a random problem, and the solution come alone.
U can try to reinstall Battleye but it don’t work.

Also, my solution was to disconnect and reconnect your Lan card/wifi card.
It worked for me, but not for “Petz”.
I don’t have good internet connexion, and my best ping is 80/100.
U can try make Automatic IPv6, reinstall BE, reinstall ARMA3, update/reinstall firmware of your routers, check firewall/antivirus, drivers hardware… nothing look to work. The best solutions look to just wait :confused:

I believe that this is an Arma issue. I have started reviewing the forums and the bug lists to see if other communities are having a problem.The problem appears to be fixed for sure once the server does a hard reset, when players have to reconnect to the server, as opposed to a soft reset, were players are just kicked to the lobby.

It is happening on other NAK servers other than Altis, when it happened to me and another player, not mentioned in RATI’s post, it was the Zeus server.

Please feel free to post here if it is or has happened to you. I will continue to track the problem and work with Claws to resolve it if we can.