Base AA Radar/AA defense activation for ATC.

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Firstly, let me start off by saying I have been gone for about 6 months. Its good to be back and see some familiar faces and also meet some of the new great guys that have found NAK and made it home.

In any event, a couple of days ago while playing with an ATC in role. We were spit balling about potential things that would make the server more immersive. I was wondering what you all thought about adding Base AA Radar for the ATC role. I want to make it clear that the intent is not to completely remove our vulnerability to air strikes foreign operatives when our guard is down at base. I love that as an inherit risk which adds variety to the game play on the server.

Therefore, I think that ATC should have an option in the tower to activate anti air and also a radar that extends for say 200 meters around the base in order to prioritize threats and neutralize friendly lost of life and/or assets. This gives ATC more responsibility and breaks some of the monotony of the role.

Moreover, you could potentially create a separate group for the ATC that cannot be join or invited to in order to keep other players our of the group. I think this is necessary so that pilots don’t just join so they can have an extra radar. The intent is to add variety to the role of ATC. I am interested in this because I find that having an ATC creates more immersion and I quite enjoy that really. So, let me know what you think and if that is something that could be implemented. Thanks o7


I think this is a fine idea. Afterall, I am sure ATC in real life has access to several types of air monitoring technologies. Plus, gives ATC role more things to do. +1 from me.