Banned for the contradictory bs mod rules

ill correct myself sorry, it was the ace mod aparently, that i got told to download last night

assuming my fault still for listening to anyone again in teamspeak lmao*****

idk how i can use cup and rhf usafrhs3 and all that that comes with all the weapons and vehicles that it comes with

but yet get banned for the rules of no new vehicles? im so confused here

I think we are all confused by your comment. Did you get banned for something? If so we have a forum to appeal bans, please follow the format in that forum, I do not see a ban for a player named Aaron. ACE3 by itself does not allow for spawning vehicles, so if you believe that was the underlying cause of a ban you are mistaken.

If you have a question, please clearly state the question.

If you have a general comment about allowing the ACE3 mod, please restate the comment because the information above is not clear.

I know im sorry for being childish, i just lsoe all patience when arma-nak-me dont mix
im new to arma which doesnt help
i believe the ace i had wasnt a base, i disabled them and some other rhfsh something i think i got dyslexic in the mods (as im sure happens)
and yes, iwasnt banned, the server kicked me and i saw ban for whatever reason.

sorry and thank you

This guy was in TeamSpeak earlier and asking about what mods were good and what were not since he mentioned he was booted out of the game - I directed him to contact you specifically in regards to the authorized mods and what may be the problem.

For a list of specifically allowed and restricted mods visit our forum post:

My recommendation is to remove any mod not on the approved list and make sure you do not have any mods from the restricted list. Then try to join the server.

If you have a mod that is not on either list, but it is preventing you from accessing the server, list the individual mod here and we will review the mod and make a decision whether it should be added to the list.

To be clear, when we restrict a mod, we rarely target a mod by name. Most often we are banning what a mod does. If another mod comes out that does the same or similar, it may be restricted as well but not included in the list. There are over 5000 mods on Steam alone, there is no practical way to make a list of everything that is allowed or restricted.

We do not ban a player for just trying to connect to the server once or twice with a restricted mod. When you are kicked it is just a way to let you know what you are doing is not allowed.

I am sure that the players on TeamSpeak were trying to be helpful, but you should always confirm the information with an Admin or on the website. You can identify admins by their “NAK Cmd” tag in TeamSpeak.

thank you Sir vile, i found them out, i didnt fully understand what the ACE was and had RHS mods and stuff confused. i got it now.

off subject but WOWW- ARMA is…the mods…im…speechless

Not only does arma have mods like what your are looking at, but there are also mods that change the whole game, look into Exile and Epoch and many more. You might also want to check out the special events on our Zeus server, next two are going to be Zombies and Demons. Check the home page for more information.