Ban Removed - Sgt. Whiskey Ban appeal

  1. Sgt, Whiskey
  2. Steam Community :: ClappinCheeks
  3. dd - Album on Imgur
  4. 06/28/2018 on NAK Altis
  5. I was playing some Galactic civilizations 2 and using cheat engine to mod my starships when I got bored and decided to close it and fire up some arma. Upon joining NAK Altis, I was kicked by battleye cause I forgot to close cheat engine. I exited the game, closed it, and tried to rejoin but it seems to have banned me, but not globally, which is weird, I don’t think battleye usually bans for something as minor as this. It was an honest mistake and I had no intent to cause any harm upon NAK or its community, Infact I’m a pretty regular player and I love your servers. I’m not sure if this ban is from you guys or battleye but if you could whitelist me, I’de love to play again.

Sorry but your explanation does not match the facts. Providing false information in a ban appeal is not the way to get a second chance.

Below is the record of your connection attempts on that day.

06/27/2018 7:09 PM Player Sgt. Whiskey was kicked (Script Restriction #177) by an unknown admin
06/27/2018 7:16 PM Player Sgt. Whiskey was kicked (Script Restriction #177) by an unknown admin
06/27/2018 7:30 PM Player Sgt. Whiskey was kicked (GameHack #38) by an unknown admin

You connected twice, and were kicked for attempting to use another mod that was restricted, then you turned on your cheat engine and tried to connect at which point you were banned.

This event in conjunction with your previous actions from the chat logs, I am going to deny your appeal. You can appeal again in 6 months, but if you do, you need to be honest and own up to your actions.

I’m being honest with you VileAce. The first time I attempted to join I had spyder addons and alive enabled, I was downloading them while playing galactic civilizations 2. I had a conversation with two of your admins after being kicked for script 177 twice. He explained to me that spyder addons and alive was only for use on the tactical server, so I disabled them. My cheat engine was still unfortunately still open at the time from playing galciv. I am not here to decieve you VileAce, I only have interest in playing the game fairly with my friends.

As supporting evidence of my story, heres my last 12 hours of activity. Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Let me try to find a teamspeek chatlog with your admins to prove to you that my intentions were pure.
This ban is based on series of small unfortunate events while trying to connect, nothing more.
I am not stupid enough to try to get myself battleye global banned, especially when I paid good money for Arma and its DLC.
I’ve corrected the problems.

I pulled the chatlog out of my teamspeek archives to prove my story. ts chatlog - Album on Imgur
I was in the help chat talking to two of your admins who used voice chat at the time, so I don’t remember their names unfortunately.

If I were trying to do something malicious, I wouldn’t have gotten on teamspeek and talked to your admins about it asking what script restriction I triggered. I removed the alive mod, and spydders pack, since apparently I wasn’t supposed to use them on altis, rather use them on the tactical server. I removed them, joined the server, forgot to close cheat engine from playing galciv, and then got pwned by a banhammer.

I swear I wasn’t trying to do anything stupid. This is an unfortunate coincidence.

Please provide the names of the Admins that were helping you in TS

I THINK it was Rollacanda. There was one other admin, one of them poked me with a link to the restricted mod list, pokes aren’t recorded in the logs unfortunately. It was 2 nak command personel, one kept telling me to check the restricted mods list, I told him I know the list well. You can see my responses to their voice chat in the teamspeek log. :frowning:

I opened the chatlog in html. THis should be a bit clearer.,

First my Commanding officer mackinnon told me to download some mods. mackinnon tells me to download a mod - Album on Imgur
It was gonna take a minute so I played some GalCiv to pass the time.
While I was playing Galciv, I used cheat engine to mod a few of my custom Starships.

The mods finished downloading and I closed Galciv and activated the mods. Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I joined ingame twice. I was kicked both times.
06/27/2018 7:09 PM Player Sgt. Whiskey was kicked (Script Restriction #177) by an unknown admin
06/27/2018 7:16 PM Player Sgt. Whiskey was kicked (Script Restriction #177) by an unknown admin

Wondering what the issue might be, I joined teamspeek and asked some admins about the mods I was using. ts chatlog in html - Album on Imgur
The admins set me straight so I deactvated the mods and tried to join a third time.
Only the third time, cheat engine from playing Galciv was still open, and this time it resulted in me getting immediately pwned.

The admins who helped me may be RollaCanda and golden. (if golden is an admin)

Please have understanding. I do recognize it is my fault for accidently joining the server with mods that should have been used on the tactical server, and for accidently leaving cheat engine open after playing another game. I can also understand that those 2 things combined probably looked extremely concerning and your caution is perfectly logical.

I’ve given all the supporting evidence that I can give you. I have no intentions of cheating, or attempting to cheat on Nak servers.
This is all a misunderstanding.

I’ve had many good times on Nak altis, met some of the best gamers I’ve ever played with, and I really don’t want these good times to come to an end because of a simple misunderstanding.

I will remove the ban - Plase be careful, as there will be no other chances in regard to Arma cheat mods or programs.

Thank you soo much VileAce! I will be more carefull in the future!