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  1. Winged Hussar

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  1. I do not know name of the admin as there wasn’t a confrontation, just boom ban. I was banned from both the Malden and Atlis servers 1 after the other as I believe I was banned on the Atlis one first and after a few seconds on the Malden one I was banned as well. I was banned ~2pm EST, 4th November (GMT).

  2. I donot know why I was banned as there was again no confrontation I tried asking some of the other pilots at the time (on TS3) whether they knew anything and they said they did not, I had only been in the game for a few minutes and I was picking which kit I wanted in the arsenal. I donot believe I had any “trainers”/ hacks for other games (or Arma III) on at the time though I may be mistaken, however another server I joined after (LastResortGaming) did not almost Instantly ban me.

You do not have any bans on file. You were kicked for using a restricted mod. To see a list of the restricted and allowed mods visit:

I wasn’t using any restricted mods as the most I play with are CBA_A3 and Enhanced Movement.

I also cannot re-join the server which is why I believe it to be a ban rather than a kick (check the screenshot).

Yep you are right, this is an automatic ban done through a separate tool. At this point I am going to step aside. It will be up to Claws to decide what to do with the ban .


I am not banned from all other games and btw I emailed BattlEye and this is a part of the response I got.
Also Question what with the all caps?
In fact I’m not banned from any other servers so, I must assume you are wrong

oh really so u only banned from nak and last resort ? shout-out bohemia for keeping nak and last resort clean from hacker .

Winged Hussar, we are choosing to keep the ban intact. A GameHack #38 ban is passed to us from BattleEye Software. BattlEye suspected you of running a tool on your computer that could be used for hacking, an example, not necessary what you were running, would be Cheat Engine. BattlEye runs on your local computer and scans your computers memory for programs that are known to be used for hacking games. You might be able to open your Arma 3 Launcher and click on the BattlEye tab to view a log for BattlEye, but in my case the log is cleared when I close the launcher. I do not know for sure if the log in maintained on your computer.

VileAce it is not maintained and I believe it is cleared whenever I close the game and btw I’m not banned from Last resort as I play on it frequently. Claws you aren’t helping the situation and I wish for you to not comment unless it will help me with my issue.

Small piece of advice. I know you were new to our community, but telling the owner of the servers, not to comment on a post is never a good idea. Claws spends thousands of dollars a year to run game servers for the NAK Squad community. He chooses to utilize BEC to help protect that community from hackers that would like to disrupt the servers. Bottom line, we have chosen not to unban you. This issue is closed.