Ban Appeal - Jivespark4

Hey, My Arma 3 name is Jivespark4 and i would like to appeal from my perm ban(time reduction to 30 days is fine with me)
Ban description(Battleye: Admin Kick, Rule #3 intentional tking - expires perm) it happened about 3 months ago around 4pm austraila time(1 am est).
My steam profile Steam Community :: jivespark4
I promise i will not intentionally tk when you unban me from the server. I have matured a lot since the intentional tking, i shouldn’t have tked at all espically since i have been playing for over 800 hours, i would like one more chance, even if I am heavily monitored and still banned for 30 days.

First we have a template that players should use when appealing a ban. It is listed as an announcement when you enter this forum channel. Second you make a lot of assumptions “time reduction to 30 days is fine with me” and “when you unban me from the server”. What I would like to know is why I should unban you when you had two prior bans on the server? All bans listed below.

11/20/2017 5:28 AM - Rule #3 Intentional Team Killing. Banned for Perm - expires Perm by VileAce
10/21/2017 1:27 AM to 10/28/2017 1:27 AM - Rule 4 investigating additional ban banned for 7d - expires 10/28/2017 1:27 AM by WarHawk
09/20/2017 10:19 PM to 09/23/2017 10:19 PM - [Rule #4] banned for 3d - expires 09/23/2017 10:19 PM by VileAce

You obviously did not learn anything from your prior bans, what would make this any different? I find it hard to believe that you "matured a lot " in 3 months.

Because this is a perm ban and now i have learned and will never tk again

  1. Jivespark4
  2. Steam Community :: jivespark4
  3. Battleye: Admin Kick, Rule #3 intentional tking - expires perm
  4. Unknown Admin Name, Nak #1 Altis (I&A) 1 am EST
  5. Can i have a second chance, i have matured a lot in the last 3 months, i fully acknowledge that i have screwed up.

I see no compelling reason to modify the ban at this time. As I mentioned before I have a hard time believing that you have matured a lot in 3 months, and you failed to provided any explanation as to how you have matured. You also failed to provided any reason why you would behave differently this time, other than, you are afraid to be banned permanently again. The two bans prior to this one did not teach you anything, I’m not convinced it would be any difference this time.

We ultimately already gave you two chances to not break the rules, with the previous ban, but you decided that you would anyway. Lastly if I had to wager a guess. I would say that you are under age for the server as well.

You seem to have a very entitled mentality, which hopefully will go away with maturity, but I do not think we are there yet, as evidence by the multiple post on the quick chat , when I did not reply back to you in 20 minutes, the private message to me asking the status, the additional message on the quick chat after c0p0ut had informed you that the chat was not the correct place to post ban related questions, and finally your statements a “time reduction to 30 days is fine with me” and “when you unban me from the server”.

You can appeal again on or after September 1st 2018.