Audio issue - Teamspeak or Arma?

Having a sound issue when playing on the servers, but not in the local mission editor. It happens with no mods loaded. It has increased exponentially when the JSRS sound mod is loaded. While in pilot roles, if I switch into 3rd person view or click over to the map, the games sounds have a really high volume. The sound of the Heli’s engine is so loud I can’t even understand others in the pilot channel. The JSRS mod, just recently acquired makes the game sounds loud enough to actually be damaging to my hearing. I am forced to turn down my headset volume temporarily to avoid the pain!

In Arma I have Effects at about 15% - VON near 100% - Music and Radio all the way down, and Mic at around 70%.

In Teamspeak I have both Voice and Sound Pack playback at about 50%.

Can I reduce this effect by reducing the Sound Pack volume more? or is this some known issue in Arma or Teamspeak?

If I’m getting this right, you’re saying in-game volume is too loud and teamspeak too low? In that case first off head to the volume control panel(right click on the speaker at your taskbar). Then go ahead and turn arma down and TS up. If that has already been made. Go in-game on arma and turn down the volume(on all tabs except VON, mic can be at 100%). Then go to TS and turn the playback volume up. If it still doesnt work, I would turn your overall volume of your headset down and then adjunkt your volume again(from the different was I told you) so that you can hear TS and Arma as the way you want. I have my headset at around 30% and on volume control panel arma and TS at 5%. And in-game I have at around 80%(I think I can’t remember) and TS(in app) I have everything on 100%(standard)(max is 200% I think). This could be different from headset to headset. If you still got problems, I will be on TS at the weekend and I can help you then. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice. I basically wanted to know if this was some typical and well-known phenomenon, but it sounds like I just need to continue exploring volume adjustments. It’s harder than it would seem with an array of adjustments in different places, in Arma itself, on TS, and on the PC as well. Juggling all these to get them to work together could take a while!

Went on two different servers today and tried many different audio settings in Arma itself, TeamSpeak, the Win7 mixer, and on my Corsair headset. All resulted in the same thing. If the Game sounds were up high enough to really hear the cues from the Heli engines, whenever I changed to 3rd person view, or opened the map, the game sounds volume became painfully loud.

If anyone has any other suggestions I would appreciate hearing them

If you’re running Windows 7 that could be a problem, I’ve seen some steam games have stopped supporting older versions of Windows (Windows 7 and below). Not sure if this applies to ARMA though.

I don’t feel that’s the issue here. Arma seems to run perfectly under Win7 64. Only a few commonly known Arma bugs pop up. I wondered if it might relate to being “outside” the aircraft when in 3rd person view - you would naturally expect the engine noise to be greater if you were outside the aircraft. But having the same volume increase just by going to the map wouldn’t seem to relate to that idea. One would have to know whether the designers intended for the sound levels to differ when switching to these alternate views. It’s more like an imbalance issue that can’t be adjusted out.

Being in third person makes the sounds of an aircraft crazy loud, entering the map is like going third person aswell.(but at a fixed place, so basically your ears are still from where you opened the map even though you’re still moving, I know it’s really werid :stuck_out_tongue:)

Thanks for that David. I just wanted to know if this was just MY issue. If this is just a trait of Arma I will at least know that the only resolution is an adjustment level that, at best, will be a compromise. It’s disappointing though, after acquiring the JSRS sound mod and after experiencing it in the editor, to have to turn the volume down so far in-game that it is almost indecipherable. Unfortunately, in my usual mode as a transport pilot I continuously refer to the map and also use 3rd person a lot at the infantry base to be able to track movement of troops and vehicles as I load up.

Problem resolved

Someone asked if I had my earplugs in. I have noticed the Ear Plug dialog box that comes up after logging on, but never understood what it was for. I assumed it had something to do with players who did not have or use a headset. I activated the earplugs and found out they reduce the sound level when switching over to the map or into 3rd person. I then found I could elevate the game sound level a bit more and get back some of the sound that I had turned down so low that it was almost indecipherable during play.