ATC and pilot comms suggestion

With the addition of pilot spots we have quite a bit of traffic on TS comms and that coupled with the GCE in TS coordinating with pilots it can be difficult and frustrating for the ATC and pilots alike (esp when you have other off topic discussions going on)

A possible solution for this would be to have the ATC create a squad invite pilots, and create a rule requiring pilots to remain in the ATC squad while a controller is available. and while not available, to communicate on TS a little more loosely, like we already do in the absense of an ATC. I fly the blackfish and wont leave that little group bugger un-addressed; yes a pilot would need to leave and rejoin the ATC sqd/channel after starting that beast up, but thats something that the pilot will have to be responsible for if they want to fly the blackfish.

One of the great things about this would be the ATC’s ability to see who is transmitting, and players can turn the TS down to a dull roar.


As you may or may not know, Pilots are not required to listen/follow the orders of the ATC. A player in the ATC slot has no power over other players. That being said, I believe creating a rule that players must be in an ATC group would just create more work for admins. The ATC slot is supposed to be an extra addition to the roles. Given ATC is not a key role (not needed for the server to operate) additional rules towards it will just complicate it in my opinion.

ohh I didn’t know that was suggestive! there’s some ppl that take it super serious if you don’t follow atc. Well then I stand corrected!