ArmA 3 Armored Vehicle Vulnerability Zones

Hello everyone.

The other day i was asked about weak zones on armored vehicles. I thought that this link might be a bit helpful.

Note: Most of these will also work with a GMX Lynx with AP rounds, especially to disable turrets.

More info here:

Also which is not in the link above, when it comes to the Tigris, you can cripple it by shooting AP rounds at the back side of the gun. This might take a few shots, but it works everytime. Also the nyx’s can be taken out easily since they have for unknown reasons really weak crappy armor.

For me its easier to take out a nyx than an ifrit in terms of armor.

Now when it comes to light armor, like hunters, ifrits and striders, the internet shows a lot of controversial information. Truth is, with a sniper .50 cal rifle you can snipe anyone through the windows. If you are using .50 cal AP rounds, you can even snipe them through the side doors most of the time. I have disabled many vehicles this way by killing the crew.


I tell you what…I was Zeusing earlier and saw an enemy angara take multiple cas runs and rpg fire lol. I finally had to disable it with a 82mm mortar round cause I was starting to feel bad. Funny cause when I’m in it seems like 1 rpg from 500m away kills me.

Yeah, Tanks are much tougher. It also depends on where they get hit. The hardest armor is from the front, so hitting a tank to the front might take more than a hit to take out. I recall once firing 3 rpgs to a t-140 to the front just to disable it, but it wasn’t fully destroyed.

This is the most complete information about Damage and.Penetration to armor.

A send document for you developers out there or those really interested in how Arma works, check out this doc:

Last this is a link to a “mod” and information about Arma ballistics the details are a little out of date but the information in general is excellent. Make sure to look at the spreadsheet and document included with the “mod”.

You can get Arma Tools and open most of the models used in Arma, and different mods, and look at their P3D file, which will show you the actual armor values and other info.

Oh wow, this info is gold. Thx for that.