Approved - Yogi's Admin Application

In game name:
-Be 18 years of age or older
Steam link: Steam Community :: Error
Must be on teamspeak:
Always on when on the server
Recommendations: Fox, VileAce


I am always glad to help other players and teach them things that I know to help improve their experience. I am eager to take on tasks and complete them in a timely manner. I am a very punctual person that is never late regardless of what I’m doing. I have ran and co-ran servers in Team Fortress 2, Minecraft (before it was big) and the most being Garry’s Mod. I have conducted more than 1000 sits over the time i have been an admin on Garry’s Mod alone so i am well versed with dealing with players and people especially trolls, minges and griefers alike. Along with that the last server i co-ran i was in charge of least 20 admins and around 40ish moderators at most times spanning across 5-10 servers (the server count fluctuated based on demand for game modes). I would like to be an admin not only to help the server with its problems and help it grow, but also to help the players have a better experience overall with the server to have them return time and time again.


I ran with Yogi today, he’s a fairly skilled player with a good attitude. I’ll +1 for sure, but I’d like to see more interaction with players. Part of being an admin is community relations and keeping the positive appearance of our great team. Definitely a good candidate.

I’m no admin but I was tanking with Yogi the other night. He was very immersive in the tank commander role. Had a great time. I wouldn’t mind him being an Admin. -Chris

Yogi my boy +1.

+1 The times I have been online when Yogi was around, he has been helpful to other players and keeps a cool head.

Yogi Yogi Yogi were to start my god. Definitely a +1 from me but I think that your a little to excited to become admin, so maybe turn that down about and I feel that you will be trained well so keep your coolness going but your excitement down a touch :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone welcome Yogi as NAK Squad’s newest Admin. Yogi was selected for his eagerness to help players and staff alike. He has previous experience as an Admin on other game servers, and hopes to bring that experience to NAK Squad, in order to continue to make the NAK community a better place.

I am sure that he will be a positive role model and continue to promote the community with his actions and behavior.


Welcome =)

Thank you guys :slight_smile: