Approved - SSG Zero's Admin application

  1. Steam ID of Profile Link: Steam Community :: MapleRexxy

2.Age (Must be at least 18 years old): 17

  1. Hours played on NAK servers. (Must have at least 80 hours to be considered for 2ND LT or 120 for Captain): 221 Hours 49 minutes

  2. Total Arma 3 hours: 448 hours

  3. Recommendation from existing Admin(if given): LBJ, Rollacanda, Wave

  4. Reason for applying: (if your answer to this is anything like “to get rid of trolls” please reconsider your application)
    Giving Back: When i had first joined NAK and started playing and getting involved in the community i was welcomed by kind people who were willing to help me with anything that i needed whether it be issues with the game or teamspeak they were always there to lend a helping hand. Now i want to return the favor of helping people out with issues they are having whether it be teamspeak or ingame, even something as simple as answering a question they may have. Also make sure everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves because that is the most important.

  5. List any real world experiences or skills that you feel would contribute to the NAK community: Even though i’m only 17 i have learned a lot through my time in the Canadian Forces, some of the skills i have learned through the military is how to defuse intenses situations, being able to adapt quickly to what is going on so being able to change the way i present myself in different situations. Rational thinking is another one so being able to look at situation and act appropriately to solve the problem at hand and the biggest one would be self discipline so knowing what to say, when to say it and how you say it can be really important in a situation that needs to be resolved fast before it escalates into something worse.

  6. Estimated Activity (How active will you be as an admin):
    09:00 (9) am est to 22:00 (10)pm est for the Website.
    15:30 (3:30) pm est to 22:00 (10) pm est for Teamspeak and Arma

  7. Briefly explain what you believe is involved in being an Admin on NAK servers:
    I believe admins should first most have self discipline because they will be able to assess a problem or situation that has occurred and being able to act appropriately to solve the problem or situation in the best means possible and to use the appropriate disciplinary action if the problem or situation warrants it. The second biggest thing in my opinion a admin should have is the ability to put the NAK players first before themselves so being able to take action at moments notice if something were to happen whether it be a player having a game or teamspeak issue or to remove a player who is creating a toxic environment in the game or teamspeak. The last important thing a admin should have in my opinion is having fun with the community not only because it will act as period to distress it will also be a opportunity for that admin to get to know the players of the NAK community so they will know how to make NAK a better place for all players.

+1 He is a very stable player always helping other players in teamspeak and shown tremendous maturity for the reasons he withdrew his application in the past. Playing with him in NakTac he has shown a good level of maturity and is eager to learn. With guidance I think he would make a good admin.

+1 Great player. Always willing to help. Plays alot. Would be great for the NAK admin community

+1. Mature, extremely helpful and would be a good addition to the admin team (his forum posts are a prime example).

+1 a really helpful player. Always ready to help other players

Like I said…they are all plotting against me. It’s a conspiracy. +1

+1 I guess you could say I have “ZERO” issues with him being a admin knows his what’s and who’s good guy in the community.

+1 Really friendly dude, has helped out many people and has a lot of patience, he is definitively a great addition to the team, as well as he can be trusted.

Good luck my dude :slight_smile:

My concern is on April 17th you say “I just feel that i’m not ready to take on the responsibilities of Admin just yet and feel I still have lots to learn in NCO ranks.” and you withdrew your admin application, then on the 25th you reapply, what exactly did you learn in 8 days that make you think you are ready to be an Admin now.

After reading your comment Sir and taking sometime to think about it i personally believe that i have learned all that i can learn at my current rank and feel that moving up in rank will give new opportunities and experiences that i will be able to learn from and therefore apply what i have just learned into being a better player and member of NAK.

SSG Zero.

+1 An awesome player who is always willing to help. He would be great for the NAK admin community and future members and visitors of the NAK servers.

+1 If Zero feels ready

Everyone welcome Zero as one of the two new NAK Admins. I will be sending you a private message with details for your training.

congrats man

Congratulations Zero! You well deserve this!

Thank you Sir i’m beyond grateful and honored to be apart of NAK Command and a Admin of a great community

-SSG Zero

Congratulations buddy! Welcome welcome!

Thank you Medi !! :slight_smile:

Congratulation Zero welcome and we look forward to working with you sir!!!