Approved - Snipsmagu Admin Application

1.Steam ID: Steam Community :: snipsmagu

  1. Age (Must be at least 18 years old): I am 22 years of age

  2. Hours played on NAK servers: about 100 hours on NAK servers

  3. Total Arma 3 hours: I have 320 hours on Arma 3.

  4. Recommendation from existing Admin (if given): I do not believe I have any

  5. Reason for applying: I believe I have shown the NAK administrators that I am a fair and trustful player. I will admit I have had one or two hiccups in the past and I will not hide that fact, but I have never been kicked or banned for misconduct. I have helped several of players fix issues regarding in game controls, NAK rules and code of conduct, as well as new players to Zeus server. I do my best to help refer people that are having issues to the right admin if needed. I would like to think that I would make a fair admin and if I have any issues I know I can always get help for one of the veteran admins in the NAK community.

  6. List any real-world experience or skills that you feel would contribute to the NAK community: I am currently an enlisted member in the US Air Force and have been for the last four years. With my current day to day job of working in logistics I have been placed in several leadership positions. My primary role to date is to ensure of aircraft loading operations for cargo and personal are accomplished as well as coordinating with other outside agencies or branches of service whether they are US or foreign to accomplish the mission. I am also a volunteer firefighter. Helping people is one of the greatest joys I have. No matter how bad my day is if I can help someone in anyway shape or form it makes it all worth it.

  7. Estimated Activity: It depends on what my work week looks like, but I am usually on four to five days a week from 10pm EST to 4am EST

  8. Briefly list what you believe is involved in being an Admin on NAK servers: The obvious is correcting issues of misconduct. Such as the blowing up friendly assets, cheating, purposely team killing. But another big part is helping players that come to the NAK servers with all sorts of issues, from problems in TeamSpeak, to issues with vehicles, arsenal, or in game controls. It is imperative that admins are a role model for the players. They set the standard for what it means to be a player on the server.

+1 A very good and stable person, very helpful and friendly and shows a very good level maturity. Creates and Runs very good Zeus missions ensuring that NAK rules and regulations are adhered to. He would be a very good addition to the NAK Squad command staff.


+1. Snips is a calm and collective person, good teammate and great fun to play with. Would make a good Admin.

I have played with snips ever since i had really gotten into the NAK community and he is a really good player. He is always easy going, fun to play with and has that warm welcoming feeling when you first meet him. He has helped me a couple times when something would go wrong with my game or team-speak i have also seen him help other players as well. with all these quality’s that he has he would make a excellent Admin and member of the NAK Command.

+1 Fantastic player, an absolute delight to play with. Helpful, respectful and calm and caring. Would make an excellent addition to NAK Command.

+1 Very helpful. Great to play with. He is also on a lot.

One of the first things I do when looking at a new admin application is to go back through the players chat log to look for both negative and positive entries that could affect their application.

It is good that you do not have any negative entries (cursing at players, TK’s and such) but you also have only one positive entry (helping players, answering questions, etc). I assume from the comments from the players and other admins, you have helped players in the past, maybe in TS, but TS is only about 4% of our players.

I admit that it can be hard to play and watch the very active in game chat, but it is the primary way that many of our player communicate.

Please remember, if you your admin application is accepted, make an effort to watch and reply to the in game chats.

Snipsmagu has been accepted into NAK Command. Sorry it took so long to process your application. Snips has been a regular player on NAK servers for quite some time and received positive comments from Admins and players alike.

You will receive an email with details of your training shortly.

Congratulations Snips! Great to have you on board buddy! :smiley:

Congrats Snips can’t wait to call you sir!!


Congrats snips,hope to cya around soon!


Congratulations sir welcome aboard!!!