Approved -NCGs Admin App

-Be 18 years of age or older- I’m 24
-steam profile link---- Steam Community :: DriveByTrucker
-Played on the server for at least 50 hours- At least 150 hours logged across all Nak Servers
-Must use teamspeak- Everyday
-Have a recommendation from one of the current admins- No actual recommendation but I believe all the admins like me and know me enough.
-Be a cool person- I am mediocre
-Leave a little description of yourself, and why you want to be an admin.

I have had an amazing experience with NAK and try to help out as much as possible when I can.
I play NAK servers daily, Zeus almost daily and try to make sure everyone has a good time. There are times when the admins are tied up in other servers or busy and I feel like I could really take some of the load off for them as I’m on almost daily. I have a pretty good grasp on the rules and people always ask me when no admin is online wheather or not something is allowed. People keep telling me to go for it but I have been very hesitant the past month to apply for an admin role, so here it is finally.

+1 has shown dedication to the server. Has come on the TS a couple times when hes driving just to see how everyone’s doing and have a chat. Have seen him countless times helping out other players along with showing maturity along with helping with disruptive players. I have heard other players say “NCG helped me” or in general have good things to say about him.

NCG is good people. Helps out all the time, always down to roleplay ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), and great squad leader. I wouldn’t argue if he was promoted to Nak Command

I hope endorsements aren’t restricted to active or previous staff.
Please be advised that this is all opinionated.

As a player, I would like to extend a recommendation for NCG If allowed.

NCG has personally helped me with (trying to…)flying the Blackfish as-well-as helping me understand the dos and don’ts of playing and carrying myself on NAK servers and TeamSpeak.

I am on TeamSpeak everytime I am online and with that said-
I have witnessed NCG online at times when no other admin is around and his presence in team speak alone helps keep the newer players squared away.
When NCG is online with me, I have noticed that he does not hesitate to help other players out when questions are asked.

NCG, in my opinion, would be a great addition to NAK staff although I cannot speak on their behalves.
While professional when the time needs it, he also knows how to be personable and is not quick to make hasty decisions. (As a Squad leader on Zeus, definitely.)
I would let him represent my brand if I had one.
+1 Would recommend.

i don’t usually comment on admin apps but +1 for me . Thanks for that superman mod brother :slight_smile:

NCG i have seen you around countless times on TS and on the servers but i have not yet met you properly. i know that you have been helping out Vile and claws a lot with mods that shouldn’t be on our servers and also any problems like bugs and other things that can get annoying over time if not fixed. i know that when you made this admin app Vile said to me that he was expecting you to make it a little later down the track. I’m not gong to do any - or + 1’s yet.

I have seen you maybe once Foxx, but i think our timezones are to blame for the lack of playing together. Either way, someday we will meet up. At this point i am just letting my application on here to “marinate” in hopes of eventually getting everybodys blessing.

+1 For me. NCG has always been a help on all the servers and is serious when needed and jokes around with everyone when its good to do so. He’s a very mature player and I think he would make a great part of NAK Command. :smiley:

Everyone welcome NCG as NAK’s newest admin. NCG has been a regular fixture on NAK for quite some time. During that time he has made positive contributions to the NAK community, helping players and admin alike. One of the first things that made me take note of NCG was his integrity. I am sure that NCG will continue to be honest and fair, and have unquestionable moral character, as an admin.