Approved - LBJ - Admin Application

  1. Steam ID or Profile Link:

  2. Age (Must be at least 18 years old):

  3. Hours played on NAK servers. (Must have at least 80 hours on NAK servers to be considered for WO MP or 120 for Admin):
    Just about 307 Hrs.

  4. Total Arma 3 hours:
    1261 Total Hours on Arma 3.

  5. Recommendation from existing Admin(if given):

  6. Reason for applying: (If your answer to this is anything like “to get rid of trolls” please reconsider your application)
    Firstly, I am a gamer :smiley:. The joy of gaming for some might just be about passing the time, however, for me its more than that. It’s about having a chance to get away from the real world, meet new people, learn, and sometimes even laugh :laughing:. As an Admin, I believe this philosophy is imperative. I am applying for this position because I believe that I am able to give back to this community by helping others, just as others helped me.

  7. List any real world experience or skills that you feel would contribute to the NAK community:
    In my youth, I purchased my first vehicle by repairing/building PCs for friends, family, and teachers/professors. I’m pretty handy with Technical issues with PC’s.

Currently, I help run a local Inventory company that has been in business since 1988. My daily tasks include running queries on spread sheets, conducting Physical Inventories, and having to manage 30 employees.

  1. Estimated Activity (How active will you be as an Admin.):
    Anywhere from 6-7 hrs during the week and about 14-17 hrs on the weekends. (Only exception will be this weekend, I will be going out of town).

  2. Briefly list what you believe is involved in being an Admin on NAK servers:

In no particular order of Importance
a) LISTENING/WATCHING - Whether it be something as major as excessive TKing or as minor as a player needing help finding the Arsenal, act on the appropriate action.

b) BUG REPORTING - If there are any issues regarding integrity of play, pass the information on to the appropriate channel(s).

c) HELP - I do believe in paying it forward. When it comes to helping others, I’m about it :!:

d) HAVING FUN - At the end of the day, you have to enjoy what you are doing. If not, it will show. I don’t want to be the Admin that causes Players to leave the server once my name pops-up that I have connected.

Qualities - friendly, funny - good guy - played co-op several times. Supportive, has a good time playing the game

NOT a toxic player - To my knowledge…doesnt exploit or waste assets. Maybe TK’d me a few times? (jk LBJ)

Best suited for WO position

+1 but i fell that he would be better as a warrant officer. Only reason is because of not being very active

+1 for WO

+1 for WO

I’ve been away for awhile, and the original recommendation was lost to the ether.

I’ve played with LB for months now and we usually group together as a fire-team. He is one of the most attentive Medics I’ve played with, well I do get hit a lot.

Almost all of LBs recent 400+ ARMA hrs have been on NAK, and he is helpful both in game and TS. He is patient to a fault. I’ve only heard good things from other players.

+1 WO

LBJ have been accepted as our newest Warrant Officer (MP). LBJ’s maturity and commitment to the NAK Community make him a welcome addition.

Thank you all for your kind and honest words, I am truly grateful to have been selected to be apart of this awesome community.