Approved - G0lden Admin Application

1. Steam ID or Profile Link: Steam Community :: G0lden

2. Age (Must be at least 18 years old): 25

3. Hours played on NAK servers. (Must have at least 80 hours on NAK servers to be considered for WO MP or 120 for Admin):
315 hours on malden. 41 hours on Altis since it lost history but I play on Altis at least 3x more than Malden (number crunch a little and let’s guestimate 900 hours).

4. Total Arma 3 hours: 1927 hours

5. Recommendation from existing Admin(if given): NCG

6. Reason for applying: (If your answer to this is anything like “to get rid of trolls” please reconsider your application):
I hate to repeat what I have said on my previous application but in part I really would like to reduce the load on admins during those times where I am in game and there are no admins in game. Even more so I want NAK to stay a community that is friendly and inviting and above all, a fun community. I love getting new people in the game that bring something to NAK. They tend to join us in teamspeak as well but I’m talking about those that come in and create groups, band people together, and/or are just awesome to talk with and laugh with and game with. I want to keep the servers clean and fun so we can keep getting more people like this to join in and make playing Arma awesome. If you’re getting on a game and you feel worse afterwards there’s something wrong.

7. List any real world experience or skills that you feel would contribute to the NAK community:
I guess I’ll start with a little bit of a technical background. I haven’t had a job that covers software more than hardware (mostly an electrical engineering background) but I have always been around computers and solved a lot of issues. I bring this up because I have seen people have issues with their arma or keep getting kicked due to battleye and just a couple days ago I tried to help someone in teamspeak figure out what was going on so they could get in the server.

Other than that I dabble a little bit in photoshop and am used to dealing with paperwork if there’s ever a time the community needs help with that.

8. Estimated Activity (How active will you be as an Admin.):
Probably looking at at least 5 days a week for a couple of hours. As far as playing goes I wasn’t on for a bit because I fractured my finger but that guy is finally healing so now I’m playing again. I’m absolutely willing to leave my teamspeak open and monitor chat if I’m doing something else to help players out.

9. Briefly list what you believe is involved in being an Admin on NAK servers:
A. Starting with the obvious, monitoring the game and identifying problem players that are ruining the experience for everyone else.

B. Staying fair and unbiased: All players should be treated the same. No one is above the rules and turning a blind eye is just going to set a bad example that all the other players will see. This is especially important for admins because players are immediately going to think that it is okay to follow the admin’s example.

C. Teaching and helping players out: As an example, if there’s a player flying and not in Teamspeak I want to try and get them into Teamspeak so they can be within the rules and keep flying. There has been a few times where some players have no idea what Teamspeak is and I’ve had no problems guiding them through the process of downloading it and connecting 'cus it sucks to be on their end and have everyone ignoring you.

D. Monitoring the server: Ideally this should be the job of every player but I believe admins should be especially watchful for any bugs or exploits and reporting them. As well as any immediate problems with the server so that we can get the server back up for the many regular and new players.

I feel like I have gone on a rant now so if you have made it this far, thank you for considering my application.

+1 from me. Im sure all of us are aware that G0lden is a well respected and mature player and has been with us for a long time. I didnt even hesitate to give him a +1 because he has shown no reason not to and i know he would definitley be around and active on Nak servers.


I believe Golden should be an admin because he has shown and can show that he can control a server (NAK TAC). He gets along with the players and knows what to look for when a problem comes up so yeah +1. Would love to have you aboard the team mate :slight_smile:.

Side note Claws why do you have Private First Class lol?

Welcome G0lden as NAKs newest admin. He should begin his training shortly and continue to be an asset to the NAK Squad community.

Congratz G0lden! Welcome to the admin group.

yay… all promoted to 2Lt already - must know a few people

Thanks everyone!