APEX Server: Incorrect weight on A-164 load-out

Seems to be a bug in the A-164 load-out weight, preventing runway take-offs. The load-out is so excessive, the A-164 will not even lift-off the runway.
It maybe the additional weight of the AGM’s instead of just loading the GBU’s alone. (I’ll try discharging/unloading/firing the AGM’s in an attempt to lighten the load.)

With the current targeting pods attached to the A-164 and other aircraft, pilots alone can effectively disable ground targets without ground base lasers. A little tricky, but it is a lot less quake gaming like now with the A-164.

REALLY , are u using the targeting pod mod or some

Nope. Got rid of the AGM’s and still too heavy even after repairing prior to taking-off. The jet is also tilted to the left for some reason, and I thought it was due to a simulated flat tire. Guess not.

Loosing the AGM’s prior to take-off had zero effect during take-off. The jet is sticking to the ground like a big fat magnet regardless of load-out!

I later checked locally within the ARMA 3 editor, and found the A164 to lift-off at approximately 180km, about two thirds the Altis main runway, absolutely no more than 2/3rd’s but could be slightly less.

Within the APEX map within the Editor, the A164 reaches the end of the runway of the main Tonoa Airport at approx. 165km, just shy of lift-off speed. I then measured the runway lengths within the PDF files, and found the length of the runway to likely be far more than adequate for reaching take-off speed of 180km. The length of Tonoa Airport runway is slightly more than 2/3rd’s the length of the runway, and maybe a few more meters or feet. This maybe a bug with the scaling between the two maps and/or both the A164 speed and map scaling. Amazingly, the A10 requires very little runway to reach take-off speed, and with a far more heavier load-out. Wondering now what I would see if I start getting into the weight numbers and lift potential of both aircraft.

A side note, the A-164’s targeting pod has an active laser which adds a laser pointer to your weapons “F” switch. The A-164 can lock onto an area (decelerating the mouse pointer for better mouse pointer movement) or locking onto a specific vehicle. Although the A10 has a targeting pod, it is currently completely useless except for zoom & looking at the ground with. Personally, I have more fun with the A-164 (CAS) than using the A-10 model, which makes the game feel like Quake.

This bug likely needs to be filed upstream, if it hasn’t already been filed.

Nope. Absolutely no mods (modifications) here due to server limitations. Although I know which mods are allowed, I dislike having to fiddle with guessing which ones are currently allowed, and having to restart the game after each failed guess.