AOFL Rewards feels underwhelming

Hey Guys,

Apologies if this is in the wrong place, but the last few days whilst playing on the ALTIS server, I brewed up some ideas, mostly regarding currently underwhelming bases and issues regarding people taking verhicles and then abandoning them after they realize how long the drive is.

If you feel like this post is too long, there is a summary in the bottom of this post which sums it all up.

1. AOFL Rewards replaced: currently AOFL rewards feels really horrible. Only UAV’s that have been positioned there (as a constant spawn), with the occasional rewards verhicle (mostly a van), whilst getting overrun from time to time if the (Main) AO spawns too close.

Now I have a few ideas for Rewards. My suggestion stands on several choices/solutions for issues I’d see as possible.


1.1 Remove AOFL rewards. its currently crammed into a corner with the main base, air field and carrier all in the same area.
1.2 Keep the idea of ingame rewards though. The Airfield terminal feels really empty, maybe we could spawn rewards there?


The second string of ideas centers around the current accesibility. If the server is at peak and rolling through rewards, you might get a few infantry verhicles or tanks that can be used by infantry, but this is succes-reliant and a heavy subject to RNG. Especially on Europe times, Rewards is almost never used unless there is a UAV operator or a closeby AO.

2.1 If AOFL Rewards stays, spawn the reconnaissance verhicles here(Offroads, prowlers). It will make Rewards a more reliant FOB (Forward operating base).
2.2 If merged with Terminal, I also would recommend spawning the reconnaissance verhicles here. This would make Airfield/Terminal also more accesible to infantry troops, and allow for a swift deploy of reconnaissance forces.


The last big possibility I would want to list is creating FOB('s), standing almost seperate of Rewards.

3.1 Rewards gets integrated into the terminal. We can create a FOB for UAV in the south, near the UAV/R which currently feels out of place.
3.2 Rewards gets replaced and reworked into a FOB, with a smaller, more dug-in feeling: A small HQ building, flanked by a watch tower and surrounded by sandbags, with just outside it A small airfield and space for 2-3 reconnaissance verhicles.
3.3 Additional FOB’s would be created, with the same setup (minus the rewards) as described in 3.2 (sandbags, 2 to 3 reconnaissance verhicles).

Side note: If rewards would be reworked to a FOB feel, it would allow more for the AO’s to spawn a bit off. Because of its “dug-in”, you have more options to defend and actually hold these bases without getting immediately shot.

So, summarizing:

Rewards feels clunky, out of place, and here are some of the suggestions I would like to make to fix this:

  • Integrate Rewards into the Airfield terminal.
  • Spawn standard 2-3 reconnaissance verhicles (At terminal and/or Rewards) to stimulate this type of transport
  • Rework rewards into a more reliable FOB, possibly even moving it more down to tone down influence of a badly spawned AO

“Other” stuff I would recommend to consider with the base setup:

  • Will moving rewards to terminal mean there are going to be more verhicles on the runways?
  • setting up multiple mapwide FOB’s would reduce the amount Halo jumps, as driving 3-4 clicks is quick enough to do (especially if its reconnaissance verhicles which are light). But what affect will it have on air (Enemy CAS and Friendly Transport)? Will this mean we need 5 cheetah’s? Will this still keep a demand for Armor from main base, which will have to be lifted in? (currently its either a 1 man squad in a hunter/strider being lifted, or a armor, I would like to stimulate some diversity)
  • Will spawning reconnaissance verhicles at terminal mean less people taking the HEMMTT?

I am very interested if you experience the same problems with AOFL Rewards, what your opinion is on my suggestions and/or if you have different ideas on what to do.

Personally I am leaning towards integrating Rewards at the terminal, adding some reconnaissance verhicles at the terminal (other side, in the parking spots), And creating a seperate FOB for the UAV, with 1-2 reconnaissance verhicles in the most south part near the UAV/R. This would (IMO) create a dynamic flow regarding game types: When a AO spawns on the right side of the map, it would be accesible by small mobile infantry squads using light verhicles. When it spawns on the left of the map, it would slow the game pace down again, and allow room for transport pilots, snipers and halo jumps.

I entirely see your point and partly agree. The downside is we have had many players in the past take rewards and just drive them kamikaze style into taxiing aircraft or using them as V-BIEDs. NAK roll back to barriers along aircraft taxi ways? to protect them and leave a bobcat and hemett inside taxiway to enable repairs. downside to that, aside from placing so many barriers for protection is possible FPS drop.

This is just a quick reply, so that you know someone read and took your suggestion seriously.

Over the years, we have had the rewards location in different places. Each of them has their own downsides . I understand you opinion about the usability of the current rewards location.

We have brought up the idea about additional FOB’s and even mobile FOB’s, but the interest was minimal so it was tabled at the time for more urgent issues.

We have very limited manpower, specifically in regards to programming and design of the maps/missions. A lot goes into making sure that the game operates at peak performance and playability.

Even a seemingly simple change like moving the location of rewards takes time to test and debug the mission. Right now our programming resources are concentrating on making sure that the main two servers are operating 100% with no bugs, and we’re working diligently to get the Tanoa server up and running.

Once these tasks are complete we will have the time and manpower to address some other changes recommended by users.

I can agree with these suggestions. It’s not often that I see useful rewards and rewards that are actually taken out into the fight. Definitely keep the suggestions coming. The more suggestions we have to go off of, the more we can implement in the next update of the map.

Every time I see a van as a reward, there always someone who says ‘Oh boy a van, shit just got real now…’ :wink:
A M-4 or a M-5 Titan launcher would be a nice addition to the randoms.
Also can the vehicles that do spawn for rewards get the textures changed from Opfor digi-green to just single flat grey or something not opfor? I know all of them dont have that but a few do.
Also doubt we ever need the ‘medical’ taru transport, would be nice if it spawns the normal infantry transport one.

How about AI friendlies as a reward, that target the AO and attack?