The first NAK Tac event is scheduled for October 21st at 5pm EST.
Only members of NAK Tac may attend. If you are not a reservist you are expected to attend. If you can not make it, contact your Squad leader and let them know. All reservist that would like to play should plan on attending, odds or you will get a chance to play. A process for what to do on event day will be posted soon.

All NAK Tac members should be reading through the Basic Combat Training document.
Players should be done reading the document, prior to the first event. There are “quiz” questions hidden within the document so we can test a player to see if they read it. Additional training documents and live training will be announced soon.

All NAK Tac members should apply to the NAK Tac Steam group.
If you do not apply, you may miss important announcements.

All players that have applied for NAK Tactical prior to 10/7/17 have been assigned a position.
To view the list of members and their positions view NAK Tac Public Membership List. If there is missing or incorrect information on your player record, please contact VileAce to update.

We are still accepting applications for the NAK Full Tactical Unit, but enrollment for this phase of recruitment is complete. Any players that signup now will be entered into the reserve squad and will be included into the Unit when the next phase of recruiting opens.