Altis - Laze restriction

I’m suggesting the laze to be restricted to certain roles required to be in ts. It would prevent friendly fire/trolls from abusing air assets, as well as figuring out who is trolling.

If you believe players are trolling, contact the admin, an admin logged into the server can see who is lasing a target.

It is very difficult for the admin to manage pilots being on TS, requiring addition players to be in TS would just be too much, nor will it fix the issue. There are many mods that have laser designators, so there is no practical way to prevent them all from being loaded. And if we can not prevent players from using a designator there is no way to enforce everyone with a designator being in TeamSpeak.

The answer is simple, do not engage a lase unless you are in communication with the individual, and even beyond that, use their lase to set your own so you “have” to confirm the target.