Altis #1 vs. Malden #2

I’ve noticed a slight drop in players on the NAK Altis #1 Server recently. NAK Malden #2 has seen great numbers all around and I would like to hear some thoughts on the Altis vs. Malden maps. I’m not trying to force anyone to play on Altis, althought I miss some of the old crews, so don’t take it that way (Although I am getting lonely on Altis :laughing: ). Just consider this my curiosity getting the best of me.

If you are one of the players that have either switched over to Malden or just stopped playing Altis in general, what led to your decision? Do you like smaller maps, just mixing it up for now, wanted a new view/new missions, did you switch with a friend, loss of time to play, problems or glitches, quality and/or teamwork of people on the different servers, etc.

been asking myself the same question

I generally enjoy Altis more but since tanoa is a thing now and it’ll be going away when NAK Tac starts, I wanna get as much of it as I can. I also got four hours of homework every night so I don’t have too much free time now.

Seems like having it empty sort of kills it, random players usually join the servers with players. Malden is also a smaller map with an arguably unseen terrain (dependent on how long you’ve played arma) so it brings the benefit of an entirely different experience with slightly better FPS. Myself, I enjoy the larger maps as they provide a much more diverse and endless terrain for many different experiences during operations, Tanoa is probably my favorite example of this. I feel some of Altis losses its operation diversity with some of the frequent AO locations that are more or less just an empty field, I understand in part this is done in the sake of better fps but adding a few more large city’s and other cool locations as frequent AO’s could spice some things up. Another thing I notice is players usually complain about how long it takes to drop enemies or how there are only tigris in the AO as enemy armor, a good way to change this would be to have AO’s use OPFOR FIA soldiers along with CSAT Marids, Ifrits, Tigris and a T-100 or two. I get that some more advanced players might lose some of the challenge clearing ai infantry but I have nothing against a little viper in the blue circle and FIA in the outskirts, seems like a reasonable sacrifice to give new or players a better experience with a map and conflict that seems to have become stale.

Altis is too large and too flat.
Malden is perfect for Helo ops around valleys to duck from Manpads and Tigris
Malden is perfect for the snipers to gain higher ground
And I’ve been playing with a good group of guys lead by Crater on awesome squad runs on side missions or attacking the AO.

Tanoa has no plans of going away when NAK Tac starts. NAK Tac has its own server, separate of all existing NAK servers.

Twiddling my thumbs here for NAK Tac

Id be willing to idle in Altis if allowed while Im at work.

We did the first test of the NAK Tac settings, with CUP, ACE3 and TFAR. We need to make some small changes but things went well.

You also may have noticed that Claws took many of the suggestions from Oxide and others and implemented them on the Altis server. It has been live since yesterday 8/25. You will now find a larger verity of vehicles, more sniper teams, AI mortar teams, more difficult viper teams more enemies on defend missions and more.

If Malden had more variety of vehicles, it would probably overpopulate Altis completely. The only reason why I stay on Altis is because, as a pilot, I have more choices of vehicles. Otherwise Malden is just easier to play in because I get instant action.