All allowed Mods, (Steam collection)

I’ve tried to collect all the allowed mods that I could find. (Not all allowed mods)
If there is more, let me know:)

— For everyone that is just scanning the post - The collection is not all the allowed mods —

From our experience, this might not be that best way to approach this. There are mods that a lot of people use that we can easily say, “Yes that is allowed”, but there are thousands of mods that are allowed, we just do not have the time the keep the list current. In the past we have tried to keep a list but it becomes so out of date so fast that it just is not practical. I have a hard time publishing a document that would be out of date the next day. An example of this is Operation Trebuchet, it was on our approved list for a long time. Then they made a change to the mod, (Without telling us. Not very nice of them :slight_smile: ) that caused a script restriction, this mod became banned overnight.

For the mods that are not allowed, maintaining a list is even harder. As with my example of Operation Trebuchet, mods can be changed overnight, and new mods are released daily. Our script restrictions that ban mods rarely target a specific mod. Most of the time they target a feature of the mod, and many mods may have that feature. As with our allowed mods we do maintain a list of very popular mods, that violate our rules, and are therefor banned.

On our list of “approved” mods we make a blanket statement *Most weapons-only mods, *Any type of sound mods.,*Any type of cosmetics mods. If the weapon mod is not over powered or gives the user an unfair advantage then it is normally allowed. Sounds mods are ones like JSRS, ArmA2 Sounds For ArmA3 and all the various weapon sounds. The cosmetic mods include uniforms, patches, faces, graphic improvements, hand signals and much more.

We will continue to add the more popular mods to our Approved and Banned list. You might want to change your collection the be the mods you use on NAK servers, not all allowed mods.

One more note, your collection title includes Malden and Zeus. The mods allowed on the Zeus server are very different than those allowed on the Malden or Altis server. If you were going to maintain a list you might want to keep the Zeus server separate.

If the post is a problem delete it.

Just thought id share the mods I use and that is currently working for me.

The post is fine, I just did not want players thinking that this was an official list, that included all of the allowed mods on the server. What would helpful along with your collection is why you chose these mods. We have a lot of new players that do not know what mods they should be using, or why.

A Couple of the mods you have listed, ASR AI3 and TAW View Distance for sure would have no effect on any of our servers. For MP these mods must be installed on the server as well. For the Zeus server elements of R3F Armes 3.5 have been banned.