aircraft spawn delays

if your not the owner or staff skip this to the next paragraph but if you are read this 2 sentence part. In this post am trying to make a nice suggestion, I am just trying to say “maybe try and think about what i am saying.” I’m not trying to say “if you don’t do what I won’t play your servers anymore”

Personal playing the your server, I love it. I think what is done is great but there has been one thing, I have noticed for some of the aircraft the spawn delays make no sense. the 2 I have noticed the most are the A-164 Wipeout and the To-199 Neophron. these 2 planes in the game spawn menu are classified as Close Air Support planes, I would definitely agree with this. That confused me because most of the time I would see the Wipeout would usually take 5 to 15 minutes to spawn. Than with the Neophron would often take much longer, sometimes even over 2 times longer, i once had time to clean up most of my desk(which was really bad) well waiting. sometimes I would get shot down 5 ten minuets before the Wipeout would and when it did get shot down, in what felt like a quick flick of a finger the wipe would have spawned in and I would wait another 10 to 15 minutes. so instead of choosing the re-spawn delay time by the specific aircraft I am suggesting maybe do them by class. like the 2 CAS aircraft(3 if you ever add in the buzzard) would take the same time so the 2 pilots can strategies together for a possible more effective attack. or possible making the attack helicopters all a similar or same re-spawn delay so they can go lead an attacking squadron. Than what I think is one is the transport helicopter making them the similar or same(with acceptation of v44 blackfish or craft like that) so they can possibly drop most of the infantry and armored forces of in one great big group at once.

P.S. also this wasn’t necessary for a full discussion but, adding the buzzard as a usable craft, i personally think it would be perfect for the game. there is already enough fighters and choppers, though the CAS craft, adding another Wipeout or Neophron means there would prabally be to many aircraft with a high missile and bomb capacity. The buzzard, I think it would be a great addition, its what I would call a little bit CAS and a little bit fighter. its seems smaller than the other CAS craft but it also has less weaponry, plus it is a little bit fighter which means it could do some light bombing runs then be able to do a better job at tracking down enemy planes.

Good idea but the reason we do the different times is to stop the amount of lag that happens when so much air support is in play. Another reason is players on the ground don’t have enough to do and will start to shoot each other. The helis have very close timers and will spawn within 1-5 minutes but what i think should happen is that we take out the stealth black wasp and the shikra or neophron so that we can still hold the air but not have as many air craft. Because the server has to count for the bullets/missiles and where they land, plus the amount of transport/attack helis, and with the amount of players on the server, frames will drop around 20 -30. If you have a good PC you might be able to play with around 50+ but rarely with 40 or more players on. But its not just air craft it’s also the ground vehicles and players when they shoot any weapons, even the AI. Altis is a big map so AO’s and side missions will also come into affect.

When i’m ever fighting on the ground with a few guys from NAK Tac they would always say that our air power is to strong and kills everything and doesn’t leave anything for the grounds troops. As i said before if there is nothing to do they will start to shoot each other and get the blame or even be banned. The reason for this is that players will always want to be the best or be on top of the leader board no matter what game. And if you say you don’t i wouldn’t believe you but we can not add any more enermy vehicles in because the server will start to lag even more.

I hope i answered your question and if not please reply for what you don’t understand. Fox

With the new mission design, fixed wing pilots will have a much more difficult time taking out squads of enemies with one pass. Go into Zeus mode sometime Fox on the new Altis mission and you will see what I mean.

Just on the topic of air support killing everything. If you have an experienced pilot that can do long range bombs on the static AA then those get taken out. After that it’s a free for all. I personally wait to be called in but the infantry never do calls (even if they are getting screwed and then all die). So I wait for the rare call in or check the map and see who’s getting hit hard.

There really are no other pilots that do this. If you’ve got someone that can defend the air and take out static AA then the AO is going to get wrecked by CAS hard.
The few times I do play infantry it is a race to get to the AO before everything is dead because let’s face it, paratroopers are useless and just extend the AO for no reason. By the time the parachutes come in almost everyone is in the AO with armor etc so sometimes they dont even hit the ground. This is probably why people are choosing to HALO all the time instead of taking transports because they need to get there ASAP to at least shoot at something.

I would even take out the black wasp and leave the stealth wasp. Stealth only has 2 bombs while the wasp is a fully loaded machine.
The shikra also has less CAS capability because it can only carry one missile per pylon and can have 2 bombs so the shikra is probably fine.
Wipeout is an amazing machine but also easy to kill so probably fine.
Don’t know much about the neophron but I don’t think it’s too destructive.

TLDR at least take out the black wasp to reduce how much air wrecks the AO because no pilot is going to back off and most of the server is supposed to be ground troops and they have to race to the AO just to get there and have maybe a couple infantry to shoot if theyre lucky.

EDIT: I will say that as i’m playing theres a lot of just single infantry set up in, around, and on top of buildings that make CAS with a jet that uses bombs pretty ineffective

Ok i understand but thabks for having a good explination. I guess it would be too much CAS. Though i dont know if it eould cause to much lag but having more then 2 side mission at a time a special side mission for the aircraft forcethat would happen randomly when there are already 2 other missions active

Golden the shikra can have the same load out as the black wasp. But it’s not just the GBU’s or the clusters its the other ammunition too and the neo well that can do some damage if you have the right load out. In saying this players will have more AA then AG in the shikra and the neo will have AG. Only what i have noticed other players use.